How bad does Roger Waters regret bailing on Pink Floyd? details inside?

I've always been a huge Pink Floyd fan since I was 15. Roger Waters has always been touted as the real talent behind Pink Floyd, but if you get into "Division Bell" you realize that David Gilmour has been the real talent in the band. I've kind of been listening to Floyd tunes with a guilty conscious, wondering how songs like "Inside Out" might turn out with Roger Waters collaborating, but another part of me thinks it was meant to be that way. I've listened to Gilmour's and Waters' stuff, and I think by far and away Gilmour's is superior, and I've even come to learn that all the Wall hits were prior Gilmour solo tunes. I dunno, I guess I've got a little bit of guilt since Rick Wright has passed, but it seems like everything that Gilmour touches is gold. What say you?

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    I think any real authority on PF will tell you the real genius in the band was Sid Barrett and that it took both Gilmour and Waters to fill his shoes...and they still didn't do it exactly, they had to steer the band in a completely different direction to propel themselves forward after Sid's mental breakdown.

    Sid's absence and his life continued to inspire the band's music as well...both Waters and Gilmour have commented that the whole Wish You Were Here album was about Sid Barrett.

    I don't know the nature of your question...does RW regret anything? He left the band, people come and go for their own reasons. Maybe he does but maybe not. I don't suppose he bailed, he simply left. It sounds to me like you are confident in Gilmour's ability to carry the band without him. As for guilt...why? Don't feel bad. When lineups change in bands, it is perfectly natural to speculate how a later project would be different had the lineup been different. It is part of the imaginative process.

    All those guys were super talented. Personally, I don't think that recognizing David Gilmour's contribution...makes Waters any less important to the band. Just enjoy it.

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    i do no longer care what Mr. Rogers feels like I in simple terms desire to take this opportunity to declare I went to confirm The Wall a pair of weeks in the past and what an outstanding stay overall performance that became. How I choose I had the means to confirm it a 2d time. Mr. Rogers placed on between the perfect stay shows i've got ever seen and for that i will consistently be grateful to him!

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    I couldn't disagree with you more. As far as i'm concerned, Waters was the major creative force behind post Syd Floyd. Anything recorded after Waters left just sounds like mediocre 'soft rock' to me. But, hey, it's just my opinion.

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