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please check my poor English~

請幫我修改我的爛英文(不要翻譯網) 感恩~~


I almost at home in the Goden week, just one day went to the USJ

去到那之後玩了很多設施,我的心臟本來就不是很有力,尤其是在玩雲霄飛車的時候我就徹底暈眩了,之後我就一直想吐!! 一整天的心情也很掃興了!!

When I went to there,I played a lot of facility, Hoever, my heart is not very strong, especially,Roller Coaster was made me dizzy!! Afterthat, I feel not good, just want to puke!! It's not a good day.



Who knows when I went back my home, I just feel durank dizzy,

I took two days to take a break. But there was very beautifual, only lunchbox was too expenctive, I spent 1660 enn, It's too over!!

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    Except for a day going to the USJ, I almost stayed home whole Goden week.

    When I got to the USJ, I enjoyed a number of facilities. However, I felt dizzy after played Roller Coaster, making me wanted to throw up and had no mind for playing within the rest of the day.

    The sick condition caused by Roller Coaster takes me two days to recover. Nevertheless, this can't devalue the USJ in my mind since there are so beautiful, except for the expensive food price. Notably, it surprised me by charging me 1600 Yen when I had a meal there.





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    .......since there are so beautiful.......


    .......since the place there is so beautiful..........

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    I was at home most of the time during the holiday-week except a day visit at USJ.I did some rides after I got there. Then I became very dizzy while taking the Roller Coaster due to my weak heart and I felt puke all the time. My day was ruined. It took me two days to recover from the feeling of hang-over after I got home.

    USJ is a very beautiful place, nevertheless,food there is quite expensive. It costme 1,660.- Japanese Yuan for a meal.

    My gosh!

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    I have stayed home for the most part of the Golden Week, with the exception of going to the Universal Studios for a day.

    While I was there, I went on a couple of rides. However, knowing that I have a weak heart, rides like the roller coaster made me dizzy. I felt sick for a while.

    When I got back home, I felt like I had a hangover. It took me two days to recover from all of this trauma. Despite that, everything there was spectacular. However, prices there were a bit high - it costed me 1660 yen to fill my stomach!

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