Why does it take so long to ship to California to washington using usps (united states postal service))?

I ordered something from amazon on April 29th and it shipped from California on the 30th and amazon said the estimated arrival day was May 21st but up top it says delivery estimate was May 4th- the 21st? why should it take so long? and when do you think it should get here?


it was shipped paracel

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  • 9 years ago
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    You have to know what level of service was used. Was it Priority? If it shipped on the 30th, the May 4th date would be accurate. If it was sent Parcel Post, anywhere from the 4th to the 21st would be accurate. It's cheap but slower. If it was sent Media Mail, somewhere in the middle of that range is reasonable. Not as fast as Priority, not as slow as PP, but always subject to being opened and inspected to see if it's actually media. From Amazon, that wouldn't be likely.

    Again, you've got to know what level of service was used.

    Source(s): Letter carrier 33 years.
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