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Why do you practice martial arts?

Simple. Why do you practice martial arts? Discipline? Physical benefits? I feel like there's always some answer that I've never thought of before.

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    I do it as a recreational activity and developing physical and mental health. It also looks pretty cool and is very fun :D

    It also gives you focus and a different outlook on life

    The worst reason to do martial arts is to if you only care about fighting

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    8 years ago

    I practice Capoeira, because, it's proven to work in MMA, it looks good, You can tell when you improved because there is so many acrobatic moves it keeps you wanting more and more the more experience you get as opposed to a different art where you have to learn forms and such which i never liked.

    Capoeira is fun, it's self defense, it definitely impressed people at my school :) It's a fun way to practice because you don't have to sit there and kick a thousand times to get better this is an art all about technique. It's brazilian which hit's close to home cause i'm Native american.

    Edit: I'm not saying it's the greatest style ever, i'm saying it's the greatest style for ME

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    8 years ago

    I practice martial arts for the physical, mental, and spiritual development. I like how I get the chance to train my body, spirit, and mind through the martial arts. I also enjoy the company of my good friends that I have made at the dojo.

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    8 years ago

    Kyokushin karate

    I want to compete and enjoy the hard training, discipline, physical and mental toughness, coordination and awareness that you build up and just the whole spirit around it. Self-defense has never been a primary concern but it is definitely a plus

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  • 8 years ago

    I began training in martial arts at first, because of being bullied, but after 27 years in different arts and after learning that I really am just an educated beginner, I now find myself doing martial arts

    to ease suffering, and to better peoples lives.

    A technique might fail in a given situation due to many factors in and out of our control, but when it comes to better other peoples lives, martial arts ( any of them taught correctly and practiced diligently ) will always succeed in enriching the life of the practitioner.

    Source(s): I am a martial arts and wellness instructor. NOTE (started 27 years ago, about 10 years total class time give or take a year )
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    1. To learn to use my body properly and to understand how it is designed to be used.

    2. To learn to use my mind most efficiently.

    3. To learn how my habits and programming interfere with proper use of the body and mind and how to be able to let go of detrimental habits.

    4. To be able to be physically and mentally fit throughout life, even when old.

    5. To better understand the limitations of other people because of how they are trapped in their tensions and habits to be more empathetic.

    6. Physical fitness.

    7. Self defense.

    8. Stress reduction and general health.

    9. To feel comfortable in my body - not just confident physically - but to know that my body has the energy and ability to stay healthy. If I feel aches and pains after practice, to trust that my body can heal itself.

    Source(s): Over 35 years teaching Tai-chi-Chuan www.movementsofmagic.com
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    i practice martial arts because it creates something special in my life, that i can look forward to each week, keeps me fit, motivated to do more things, it inspires me to be who i want to be and that if i train hard at anything in life i can achiev it.. i train martial arts because i love it.

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    Family Tradition. Every generation has to learn how to fight or be born with that knowledge. 90 years ago, Charles Shelford learned to Box, and he was very good at it. 50 years ago, Herbie Bradley learned Hapkido and he was very good at it. 30 years ago my dad learned Karate and Boxing, very good at it. 16 years ago, I was taught how to fight.

    It all turns out for the best, because the men in my family seem to attract trouble. Have been bringing trouble since before Heke and Colenso joined families.

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    i started as a sport to keep me fit once i finished school and was playing way less basketball. but as i got into it it kinda took hold of my life now i cant get enough i want to learn as much as i can. i like the fitness, strength, toughness confidence it gives me. ive never been in a fight in my life but have thought i would be fine in one. now i think i would know exactly how to act and its nothing like what i was thinking before i started my system

  • 8 years ago

    It's fun

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