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What is hydration energy?

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    Hydration Energy is involved in the solution process. The solution process involves three steps all including a change in enthalpy. The first delta H (change in enthalpy) is the process by which water molecules overcome attractive forces in the solute particles to break chemical bonds. This process is endothermic. The second step delta H 2 is the separation of solvent molecules to accommodate the solute. This step also requires energy and is endothermic (delta H is greater than 0) The final step is the formation of new attractive interactions between solute and solvent particles and is exothermic (delta H is less than 0). The sum of delta H 1, 2, and 3 is the overall enthalpy of the solution process and this sum is known as the hydration energy. If the sum of delta H 1 and 2 is greater in magnitude than the delta H 3 (which is a negative number) the overall process will be endothermic. If the sum of delta H 1 and 2 is lesser in magnitude than delta H 3 the overall process will be exothermic.

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