With the sad news that MCA of Beastie Boys has died, describe the awesomeness of the Beasties in his honour?


My day, week, month and year has been ruined...

The Beasties were one of my formative bands, they made me realise music was not made to be taken too seriously, and I love them with all my heart. This news has ripped a part of me open, and I'm nearly in tears.

MQ: Favourite Beastie Boys song?

MQ2: Favourite band from New York?

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    What was amazing about the Beastie Boys is the fact that they elevated hip-hop into a new level. In the early 80s, hip-hop was not structured. Songs were close to 15 minutes long, had no chorus, and were not radio friendly. Adam "MCA" Yauch had formed a punk band with his schoolmates, Michael "Mike D" Diamond and Adam "King Ad-Rock" Horowitz. Being from Brooklyn, they were surrounded by the then new sound of rap and hip-hop. They started to incorporate the hip-hop style into their music, therefore inventing a new style of music. The songs were shorter, had choruses, and could be played on the radio. Many have accused the Beastie Boys of stealing rap music from black musicians. This is quite simply untrue. They brought a style of music into the foreground introduced it to an audience that may have well never heard hip-hop if not for the innovative sound of the Beastie Boys.

    At first, their songs were juvenile. They were about getting drunk ("Brass Monkey"), objectifying women ("Girls"), and criminal behavior ("Paul Revere"). Although it was a top-selling album, 1986's "Licensed to Ill" was critically panned because of it's immature lyrics and rough musicality. However, their 1989 release "Paul's Boutique" proved the Beaste Boys were not just a novelty act. With the onset of intellectual property precidents, "Paul's Boutique" could not be made today, having sampled everyone from Curtis Mayfield, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles.

    Upon becoming a Buddhist, MCA became worried that the music of the Beastie Boys may be encouraging others to enact in criminal behavior and drug and alcohol abuse. 1992's "Check Your Head" saw a new Beastie Boys, incorporating jazz, hard-rock, punk, and showcasing the band's musical ability. Their 1994 follow up, "Ill Communication" only further proved that the Beastie Boys were accomplished musicians as well as being one of the fore-runners of hip-hop.

    Yauch also helped found the Milarepa Fund, which in turn produced the Tibetan Free Concert in 1996. He was a friend to the Dalai Lama and a humanitarian.

    Not many hip-hop bands have seen a career that spanned three decades. The Beastie Boys created music that entertained multiple generations. The loss of their music is devastating. There are no words to describe how saddened I am to learn that they will no longer be creating the sound that helped bring hip-hop to suburban homes.

    Yauch was an innovator, and inventor, and a humanitarian. He will be missed. The music of the Beastie Boys will be missed. And it breaks my heart to know that the band that provided much of the soundtrack of my teens, my twenties, and even now as I approach forty, is no more.

    R.I.P. MCA. "I wanna offer my love and respect to the end..."

    Source(s): My favorite Beastie Boy song is probably "Something's Got to Give" from "Check Your Head" My favorite band from NYC will always be the Beastie Boys.
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    I grew up on the "License to Ill' casette and jammed to the Beasties all through high school to this day. MCA was my favorite member of the group and I loved his song "Bodhisttiva Vow". The Beastie Boys were some of the most talented MC's and musicians to ever grace rap. From "Paul's Boutique" to "Hello Nasty", they always kept it fresh. Adam will be missed.

    MQ: I probably would have to say "Sure Shot" or "Pass the Mic"

    MQ2: The Ramones

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    The Beastie Boys came along and pretty much did for rap music, what The Velvet Underground did for alt rock. Blew open huge doors with their creativity, while still appealing to a massive audience. Very smart writers and probably the best rap "group" of the last 20 years. Unfortunately i don't think they should really continue after this. It wouldn't be the same.

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    I love The Beasties, they got me that got me into the hip hop, which is probably one of my favorite types of music. Their clever/immature lyrics and insane beats are amazing. I love them also.

    Also, they still were making great music now, that's why their so awesome, RIP Adam (MCA), even though I'm listening to their funny brilliant music right now, I feel really sad, which I've never felt when listen to them. :(

    MQ: A tie between Car Thief, The New Style, Eggman, Intergalactic, and Sureshot.

    MQ2: The Velvet Underground

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    9 years ago

    I cannot simply describe in mere words the undeniable greatnes of the Beastie Boys, for they are a band with pure talent, originality, and are an inspiration for many.

    The tragic loss of MCA has truly impacted me, I cried, I don't think I'll be able to be happy again for a month, my stomach feels like some sort of pit of bleak sadness.

    I'll miss MCA, I'll miss the Beastie Boys too, I don't really see them going past this, I think they're done for good now.

    R.I.P MCA, we won't forget you.

    This one's for you,


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    BQ: Sabotage

    BQ2: The Strokes.

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    They got me into liking rap when I was young and they had the first song I ever memorized "Intergalactic" also my favorite band ever

    MQ: Intergalactic

    MQ2: The Beastie Boys

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    9 years ago

    This news really made me sad. I'm gonna miss that guy, and I didn't even know him. Never even got to see them in concert. :(

    MQ: Paul Revere.

    MQ2: Beastie Boys.

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    9 years ago

    What?! That's so sad. I really didn't listen to them all that much on my own but my brother and a bunch of my cousins did so I heard them around a lot. They were a pretty kick ass band and wrote some of the best lines. Geesh cancer has taken another one.

    MQ:Hey Ladies.."Break up with your girl, it ended in tears, Vincent Van Gogh and mail that ear" so funny :)

    MQ2:Simon & Garfunkel

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    9 years ago

    my mom told me he died earlier today, i was so sad ): i've been listening to them a lot today in honor of MCA. i used to listen to them a lot a few years back, they shaped my music taste in hip hop. the man shall be missed.

    mq: paul revere


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    mq2: probably mgmt, cause thats the only new york band i can think of right now lol.

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    9 years ago

    I'm horribly at explaining why I like certain artists.... Um.... I just dig their sound....*I()U()U(U()!!!!!

    BQ: Eggman

    BQ2: The Velvet Underground.

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