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Justin Bieber as Finnick?

Everyone that I know has told me justin bieber will be playing finnick in catching fire. Fact or Fiction.

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    No Justin Bieber is not going to be playing the role of Finnick that is in the new film, Catching Fire. If Justin Bieber would have got the role as Finnick he would have talked about it in one of his interviews. All of the television series that Justin Bieber has been on he gets asked to be on the show. Justin Bieber is starting to get into acting but he seems more interested in his music then films or television shows at this moment. Justin Bieber is going to be in an upcoming a basketball movie playing as Mark Wahlberg's nephew which they haven't started filming and he will also be playing a small part in the upcoming movie, Men in Black. Maybe Justin Bieber will be an actor when hes older but he will not be playing the role as Finnick.

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    NO WAY! there is not a chance he will be finnick

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    I don't know if that is true or not, but if it is I am never going to see that movie.

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    It's not true. Fiction.

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  • God I hope not. I'd rather see Barney the purple dinosaur

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    i loove Justin very much.

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    big fat LIE!!!!

    he shouldn't be anywhere near movies

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