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I'm scarred of going on an airplane ?

I'm going on an air plane in like five weeks but I have like I'm starting to get scarred and thinking about what I'm going to do if something goes wrong and we all die? I've been on an air plane at least 7 times before and every time I'm scarred and I just don't like what it feels like. Also what should I do to keep my mind of things on the airplane and not be scarred? And how can I stop being scarred of airplanes? I'm also scarred of the whole traveling thing because I hate air ports I feel like everyone is very rude there and I feel anxiety there too. Btw I'm 14. PLEASE HELP! Thanks (:

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    Airplanes are a very safe mode of transportation. You have a much higher chance of getting injured or killed driving on the free-way (or even sitting in your own home) than flying in an airplane. By the data, there is a 99.99999771% chance that your flight will arrive without trouble. Lots of people are scared to fly, but the fact is, the chances of anything going wrong in an aircraft are virtually zero.

    If a friend or family member is traveling with you, hold their hand tightly. It can be a source of comfort to you.

    Do not panic because it makes things worse.

    Do not think about how high you are in the air because you will start panicking.

    Do not say or think that the plane is going to crash.

    Think of your destination! Remind yourself why the plane is taking off and that if it doesn't, you won't get there. Perfect incentive.

    I'm going on a long flight soon. I've made a list of stuff to entertain me. Maybe my list will help you.

    Crossword puzzle



    iPod/MP3 player


    Handheld game consoles


    Sketch book


    Color pencils


    Journal, pen/pencil with eraser & sharpener


    Sleeping can kill a lot of time. Make sure to bring a small pillow, blanket, eye mask, sleeping pills, and earplugs.

    Taking pictures/videos.


    Read books

    Keep a journal

    Listen to music on your iPod/MP3 Player


    Card games


    Sudoku puzzles

    Write poems

    Strike up a conversation with a stranger

    Make up stories about the other passengers and write them down

    Read magazines

    Make fortune tellers

    Play on laptop (if you have one)

    Good luck, I hope you have a nice flight & trip! :3

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    The only people who can "scarred" are air crew during war-time conflict.

    However, if you mean "scared", you're more likely to be in a car accident that have an aeroplane incident. So do you get scared while in a car?

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    They scare me too, but there has been at least 1 study finding that commercial airplanes are safer than cars. What to do? Try to sleep, if you're lucky you'll sleep through anything scary. That's all I can say, maybe someone else can do better. :)

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    Just be strong like Samuel l Jackson in snakes on a plane.. " get these snakes off my mothaf**kin plane" - Samuel L Jackson

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