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Why are Southerners proud of the Confederate flag even though it is a symbol of separation and racism?

Why are southerners proud of racism and hate? Is it because they are racists or in denial?


Correction: Why are some southerners proud of the Confederate flag even though it represents hatred and seperation

Update 2:

Logic of people coming to American for freedom and then taking slaves for labor is confusing. The former slave owners are now beat down rednecks

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    What we refer to as the "confederate flag" was not the national flag of the Confederate States of America. It was actually a battle flag used during the war. This is an important distinction given its symbolism in the 1960s. In that period Southerners revived the use of the Confederate battle flag as a way to symbolize their struggle against African-Americans during the Civil Rights movement. As such it is commonly seen as a symbol of hatred and Southern racism.

    For many Southern whites, however, the meaning of the flag has changed once again in recent years. They do not see it as a symbol of racism, but a source of Southern pride. For them it is not a symbol of hate, but a symbol of solidarity. Nevertheless, it remains a point of intense controversy given its drastically different meanings to whites and blacks.

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    For openers, my great-great grandfather died in a Union prison in Cincinnati at the close of the Civil War. So I'm "southern" to a degree (from Kentucky).

    Their "pride" is an outgrowtrh of the characteristics of their predominantly British heritage. Much of the South wasn't the landed gentry. People such as Lee represented the genteel factor of the South. The history of the South can't begin with the Civil War and its aftermath in order to understand their mindset. Instead, it muct begin during colonial times. A significant percentage of the people who emigrated from Great Britain to the areas south of the Potomac River and north of Florida were the common peasnatry. These people were on the bottom rungs of British society before they came to the colonies. The New World hardly changed their demeanor. If anything, they saw the freedom they had in the New World as being perfect foil for their licentious and "wild" ways. Look at any film set during the Middle Ages in Britain that teatures the uncouth yeoman , and you are looking at the "ancestor" of the redneck. The motion picture might be fiction, but the personas represented in the film aren't. One of the earmarks of the typical Southerner is a sort of arrogant pride that is displayed as a sort of defense mechanism to ward off feeling inferior--because all too often, the Southerner is NOT a well-educated or financially secure individual.

    The South is a culture all unto itself.

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    I'm sure there are many people who believe they are expressing pride in their heritage by flying the Confederate flag.

    I live in Pennsylvania, so I've never actually seen anyone with that flag, but I don't think you can judge a person's entire character by what they hang from their flagpole.

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    You can't, of course, ascribe the same opinions to all "Southerners."

    Very few black Southerners, for example, are "proud" of that flag. And quite a few white ones aren't, either.

    Get a brain.

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    Cause they're racist rednecks who have nothing else to be proud of

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