can Jews claim refugee status in Canada?

Virtual Jewish library 1995 Federal Canadian court decision


i meant virtual Jewish history tour 1995 Federal court case in Canada

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    American Jewish Year, Book 1998

    edited by David Singer

    "Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) was confronted with contradictory decisions of the Federal Court over the issue of whether Jewish refugee claimants ought to be denied entry because they were entitled to immigrate to Israel under the Law of the Return. In a 1995 decision the court had affirmed that view; however, it reached the opposite conclusion in a May 1997 case involving Lioudmila Katkova, who fled the Ukraine but did not want to settle in Israel. Finally, in November 1997 the IRB's deputy chair, John Frecker, announced that the availability of Israeli citizenship would no longer be a factor in the board's decisions on Jewish applicants."

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    Canada does have some odd immigration laws. They banned British MP George Galloway for his criticism of Israel while he was welcome in America. It seems Canada even has a problem over freedom of speech. Britain has no such problem with over 300.000 Jews living in peace there

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    refugee from what ?!!! Since the Holocost Jews are well threaten all over the worls

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