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I need help with Filipino/Tagalog translation?

Can you tell me what this means? It might be graphic, because it involves a woman's miscarriage, so please understand. Thanks so much!

Thip tim`, uh`h I `xpdll`d tha cllp( I shmt`e!hx%cpqf`hd pc%fnhbmpm qd`p D tmgpd`p G!s`s%uafon`#%Rupe&gegp`d ubepg!s`q d!vi`|!dd|u`b%anec(q`et`a.ged`n%cd|ud`i.`d(u`b,oodl`')thpa d(yn`c$ry~g`o&`g(qd`w%pd(egxgdt


I put this in a language detector and it said that it was Tagalog. If it's not, I mean no offense. If you know what language this is, please let me know. Thanks!

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    It looks like computer code. Or a web site extension.

  • 8 years ago

    Its not tagalog lol...

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