Nutrition question!!?

im 17 years old, 5"11, and 154 pounds. i have muscle but not too much and i have little fat left, but what is left is on my bottom abs. I have a perfect 4 pack but you cant see the las 2. Well my question is, if i want to keep building muscle but burn the fat that it left, do i

Consume alot of protein and little calories

balance them both

or what steps should i take? (and yes i do workout and do exercise regularly)

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    8 years ago
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    well it really depends on your personal goals. for more muscle mass i suggest trying a high protein low slow burning carb diet on days of intense workouts and a balanced diet on days of rest and regular exercise. Protein shakes are best for taking care of both. Herbalife provides a protein shake that is low calorie but high protein and they even have a line specifically for muscle mass gain and also can replace the lost glucose from the workout. I suggest trying to find a nutrition club in your area that sells the shakes and just go there within 45 minutes of your workout for the best results.

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