How long will this derail my pursuit of a Bio-Environmental Engineering Degree?

So i took my placement test and got put into Intermediate Math. Could I take a summer course to get ahead? Or should i just take it in the fall? Or should I stop pursuing a Bio-Environmental major and look for another major? I picked this major because I am good at Physics, Chem and Math i just messed up on the test cuz I know if i pay attention and listen I learn pretty quickly.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'll go ahead and tell you, most students don't make the 4 yr deadline. What you need to ask yourself is, are you willing to pursue this career/academic path despite whatever setbacks you may encounter. If you're going into an intermediate math class you're still pretty early in, so expect more setbacks. They will come, that is the definition of life my friend: What happens while you make other plans.

    How far this sets you back depends on two things: 1. How often your school offers the relevant classes (alas, I have long suffered under an administration known for sparse offerings) & 2. How hard you're willing to work to overcome this particular setback.

    If you can take it in the summer take it, and whatever else you can. Don't burn yourself out and don't overload yourself, but you're only going to get there through hard work my friend. So be sure your going the direction you want to travel.

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