Psych report, I really need help.?

Okay so I'm honestly at a loss, 3 days I have been trying to start or even get ideas for this report and things come to mind like doing schizophrenia/insomnia for fight club, or myself for depression ( yes, I've been diagnosed with depression) but I can't figure out any theories that support any of this, I tried asking my professor and he basically just said try my best, so this is my last resort at trying my best, the assignment is a case study

"You are free to choose either a person (including yourself), an artist, a historical figure, a politician, a celebrity, a character from a movie, book or other mediums. First describe and analyze the person or character from the theoretical facets of any personality theory that has been covered in class. Then explain and critically evaluate how successfully this theory assists you in understanding and exploring your person of choice"

We've done theories from:


Carl Jung

Erik Erikson

Alfred Adler

Karen Horney

Erich Fromm

Harry Stack Sullivan

John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth



Rollo May



Julian Rotter



McCrae and Costa.

Thanks in Advance !

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    9 years ago
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    Abraham Lincoln and depression, you could bring out Maslow and how he was able to meet his basic needs and strive for greatness/presidency... Even Rogers would be interesting with him.

    I think Skinner would be interesting in showing how reinforcing behaviors and environments will help a person succeed or not. Look at Marilyn Monroe, famous and beloved in an environment that most would see very reinforcing, but it wasn't for her. You could use Skinners Operant theories on so many different people and then bring in Maslow, because he has an environmental aspect that builds up to more social/cognitive areas.

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    You can do the case of "little albert" when it comes to generalization or conditioning. or maybe study any animal that has been trained in some way and use the classical conditioning theory of Pavlov. Winston Churchill was bi-polar if you want to do one one that its called manic depression. and you can do dissociative personality (multiple personalities) there was a famous case they even made a movie called the three faces of eve it was based on a true story. there is a theory on this disorder i just forgot the person that studied it I'm sure you can google it. hope this helps =] good luck!

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    Solomon Asch.

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    9 years ago

    I think you should do yourself. After all, you're the one who knows you the best, so your teacher cannot judge your statements as wrong. Try to really understand yourself, ask yourself questions and maybe you will gain an increased sense of self-awareness after doing the report. :)

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  • 9 years ago

    My choice....The Buddha. A most fascinating human. In my opinion, as close to a God as anyone.

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