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Why do people in Florida not speak with a southern accent?

Florida is located in the South right next to South Carolina. However, it is said that other than some people such as a rapper called Plies, most of people in Florida do not speak with a southern accent. Why?

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    I know what you mean. I moved to FL from Colorado and was born in Arizona. I found that Florida is diverse. Far North FL is similar in demographic profile to Alabama. The FL panhandle is like Alabama, and the local southerners even consider it part of LA = Lower Alabama, a regional term for that part of the "Deep South." I think many Floridians of North FL are southern in every extent of the word except that they don't have the accent. A good example is Tim Tebow - the Baptist football Heisman Trophy Winner of Jacksonville, FL. He is southern, a devout Baptist, and a football star of the SEC. But he doesn't have a southern accent. Most North Floridians are like that - they are deeply southern in tradition with a love of football and NASCAR but for some reason don't have that accent. Go Gators! If you look at the fans at a typical home game they are ethnically diverse, which is representative of the state.

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    By contrast, Central Florida is more "northern" and actually has many people who moved there from the upper east coast or midwest. South Florida is very much representative of Latin America or the Caribbean cultures: Cuban, Haitian, Brazilian, Columbian, Nicaraguan, Chile, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rican, etc. The Seminoles, albet a small tribe, are also heavily recognized in the media of Florida - the only eastern tribe to have never surrendered in the era of Manifest Destiny, but now they are part of South FL society as recognized citizens.

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    So Florida is diverse. I enjoyed North FL. I had a southern blonde girlfriend who was Protestant, which was ironic for a brown, Catholic Native American from rural Arizona. Go figure. I learned that southern whites intermixed with Native Americans a lot. Which is why most modern Cherokees are part white because of the Confederate pattern of intermarrying with them. John Wayne showed it best in his movie "The Undefeated" when his adopted Cherokee son and scout for the Union Army rides off into the sunset with a white southern belle - the daughter of a Confederate Colonel fleeing the south in the aftermath of the Civil War.

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    Here is a good video about South FL ...

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    Now knowing that Florida borders Georgia and the far west panhandle borders Alabama, many in the northern part of Florida including the panhandle do speak with a Southern accent; however, many people from throughout the USA have relocated to South Florida, especially those from the snowy Midwestern and Northern states.

    There are so many transplants from New York, New Jersey and beyond, South Florida has pretty much lost any "Southern" accent and culture it ever had.

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    For starters, Georgia is between South Carolina and Florida, but they too have an accent, so the only thing I can tell you is that SOME Floridians speak with a unique accent that you only hear in Florida.

    And it does, in some ways, resemble what you are thinking of as a "southern accent".

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    Actually Florida does not border South Carolina, it only borders Alabama and Georgia.

    People Have "southern" accents all across the U.S.A. It has less to do with what state you are in and more if you are in a populated city or a rural area. That is why i prefer to call it "country" accents.

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