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my period is super irregular! i need answers!?

okay well iam 19 years old and my period is super irregular i can go months at a time without getting it. and i have no telling when i will get my next one either, sometimes i will get it like a month after but that's like once in a blue moon its like false hope. i stated my period when i was like 14, but now my secondary problem is iam getting this brownish discharge not followed by any itching or anything so it shouldn't be a disease. and i dont believe im pregnant either. i have unprotected sex with my boyfriend maybe like couple times a month. iam a college student and i have 3 job and i dont have insurance so i nether have the time nor money to go see the doctor. my last period was at the end of January beginning of February and now its May . i just want answer to know iam okay without going to the doctors, ive never been to the gyno and i know i need to go but im kinda embarrassed please please answers and advise would help alot thanks

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    STD's contagious vaginal infections are so contagious these days, its considered" EPIDEMIC" even here in the USA, by The Attorney Generals Office, and even they, (government) pays out for advertising about them regularly now. The very cheapest cost for advertising & commercials like that *& others is at their lowest cost: $125,000.00 plus, per clip, "that is why it is so important to get the information out there, "Never, never have unprotected sex," ***it's just foolish, if not for the fear of pregnancy but the STD's which are EPIDEMIC. Even needles of prevention medicine, are being advised to give the *younger people, ahead of time these days; (now both boys/guys & all females, just to help protect & prevent the rapidity of spreading them. Many females are put on *birth control pills just to **regulate their cycles; however; still "use protection like condoms," its safer for you & keeps the males healthier too; so spreading these STD's is not as common.

    Source(s): The birth control regime can also control the **bleeding, & is very popular for regulating the periods. Some out now permit the female to only get a menstruation every 3-4 times a year..."that's progress," but medically speaking it helps three problems at once; I'm no physician or expert; however it helps all three problems with one remedy. ***(Under a doctor's supervision & advice "only."!)
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