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John asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 9 years ago

What is the real delegate count for GOP candidates Paul and Romney?

Why do different media outlet have different numbers?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Many of the delegate count numbers are guesses. The AP is notorious for this.

    To understand the actual delegate count a little better, watch the results of ACTUAL journalist Ben Swann's research:

    Ben Swann will give you more pertinent information in this 30min segment than the media has on the 2012 elections. Period.

    ADD: Just came across this bit of usefulness ---

  • 9 years ago

    I think before Obama should be able to run for POTUS he should put forth a valid Birth Certificate... ALL of the experts who has seen Obama's Birth Certificate has called it a doctored Fake... Does the Law and Constitution mean nothing In America anymore?

    Where are the gutless Congress on this?


    When self proclaimed Communists are allowed in the Cabinet of the President of the United States... We have grounds for impeachment... Again where is the Gutless Congress on this????


    §† FNS †Â§

    ǝsɹnɔɐpuɐƃuıssǝןqɐsı ǝǝsʇouopsɹǝɥʇoʇɐɥʍǝǝsoʇ

    Not to mention.... Yet I will...

    Weekly Lost Jobs Numbers are out today.... These are Obama's Department of Labor Numbers released every Thursday and can be found on Fox and Friends between 8:45 and 9:00 AM. Watch for them yourself if you want to be informed with the only RAW numbers released by the DOL... You won't hear them on any other network... I wonder why?

    Numbers released every Thursday is for the Job loss for the week previous.

    2/19/2012… 348,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    2/26/2012… 350,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    3/01/2012… 351,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    3/08/2012… 361,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    3/15/2012… 351,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    3/22/2012… 348,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    3/29/2012… 359,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    4/05/2012… 357,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    4/12/2012… 380,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    4/19/2012… 386,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    4/26/2012… 388,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    5/03/2012… 365,000 New Signers to Unemployment

    Total.......... 4,344,000 New Signers to Unemployment.

    That’s “JUST” over the last 12 weeks.

    **** For the last 16 weeks after these numbers have been released they have been revised to a Higher number… Hmmmmmm….

    How many new signers have lost their jobs sense Obama’s election?

    The 171 weeks of the Obama term as POTUS, America’s New Signers to Unemployment has averaged over 400,000 jobs per week plus the last 12 weeks = a 3 year + averaged number of New Signers is now around…

    69,676,000 Americans who have lost their jobs. THAT IS… 69 MILLION 676 THOUSAND Lost Jobs……

    I have a question for you…

    Is it time to wake up yet?

    Your vote on November 6th 2012 will answer this question.

    §† FNS †Â§


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I have been searching this myself. I think it is not too hard since you can get an excel spreadsheet then separate the states into binding,non-binding, winner take all, proportional.

    Non binding is the wild card, since you will have to look at each state and the final count.

  • Different numbers...same result....what difference does it make?

    Ron Paul will never be nominated.

    Ron Paul will never be President.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Any one but the Kenyan

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