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Burt Reynolds vs George Clooney, 15 rounds, who wins?

Could yesteryear' movie heartthrob beat today's movie heartthrob in a 15 rounder?

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    Bert Reynolds if I am not mistaken did a bit of boxing in his youth and was a big fight fan, he also pulled off a tough guy image even with a mustache, something few men can do.

    Clooney is known more as a lover than a fighter but Bert Reynolds fought alongside Jackie Chan in The Cannonball Run and In Smokey and The Bandit even faced down the fearsome Buford T. Justice.

    I think that Bert Reynolds could pull that little bit extra out of the bag when it counted.

    The fight: Clooney comes out and is too concerned with protecting his looks and goes into a defensive shell, Reynolds is daring and goes after him with a fearless two fisted attack. Reynolds would wear Clooney down and stop him late.

    Reynolds KO11.

  • Elle
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    9 years ago

    Burt Reynolds is what a man thinks a man should be. George Clooney is what a woman thinks a man should be.

    Reynolds by devastating KO1

  • 9 years ago

    reynolds is one tough cookie. he ko's clooney in 5.

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