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Why did a lib lie and say that the right doesn't oppose the PATRIOT Act and the wars?

Two words:

Ron Paul

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    Yeah, look at how popular Ron Paul is on the right. One person opposing these things does not make it the consensus of the right. Fox News is the voice of the right and they vehemently defended the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, torture, rendition and all of the other egregious violations of a person's "inalienable rights."

    You can't define a party's platform on the basis of just one of its members, especially one of its fringe members. I have nothing but respect for Ron Paul and would vote for him over other Republicans in a heartbeat because he is principled and consistent, unlike the Rominee. But to assume that he speaks for the right would be like saying that Herman Cain speaks for all black people or Bill Donahue (crazy MFer) speaks for all Catholics.

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    Ron Paul is hardly a typical Republican and certainly doesn't have a hope in hell of becoming Presidential Nominee.

    And who's watch was it when the Patriot Act came in and Afghanistan and Iraq started? It certainly wasn't the Democrats.

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    Ron Paul is a libertarian. His economic policies resemble the right. His social and foreign policy is closer to the left.

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    Ron Paul is a Libertarian and the exception.

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    Ron Paul rode the short bus to special ed.

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    Because we were paying attention then.

    Ron Paul is a lone crazy guy who no one listens to. Look at the rest of the Republican Party.

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    Liberals fail to acknowledge that

    Both times the Patriot act passed

    The US Senate was controlled by Democrats

    The 1st time the House was controlled by Republicans

    the 2nd time by Democrats

  • The majority of conservatives did support the wars and the UNpatriot act. They are known as Republicans. You know this as well as I do.

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    8 years ago

    Libs? Lie? Surely you jest!!

    Liberal - FOX NEWS LIES

    ABC - *edits 911 call, gets caught, admits the edit and says sorry" too bad the damage is done.

  • 8 years ago

    Four letters----> STFU.

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