Main Events in Book Crash?

ASAP! What are the Main Events that Happened in the book Crash By Jerry Spinelli?

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    The novel begins with Crash's first encounter with his new neighbor Penn Webb, six years prior. Penn Webb is revealed to be a Quaker and vegetarian, living a very simple, unmaterialistic life with his artistic parents in a garage-turned-house—he also was in the renowned Penn Relays and was the guy to bestow Penn with his eponymous name. During a series of competitions to "win" Crash's company for dinner, he proves himself to be a surprisingly talented runner; but with his distinctly "nerdy" mannerisms and an affinity for buttons and turtles, he reveals himself to be an easy target for bullying, starting with Crash and continuing into junior high.

    The narrative then skips to the present—Crash, his best friend Mike DeLuca, and Penn Webb have all entered the 7th grade. Crash and Mike join the football team as expected. Penn joins the cheer squad, inciting even more ridicule from his peers; however, his persistently kind, patient personality and dedicated environmental stances eventually earn him the admiration of both Crash's younger sister Abby and the attractive new girl, Jane Forbes. The three of them with a few other students and Penn's parents begin a campaign against the new mall being built. Meanwhile, Crash's beloved grandfather Scooter moves in with his family. Crash and Abby enjoy their grandfather's presence and listening to his sometimes less than truthful Navy stories.

    While Crash is shown to be extremely popular at school, it becomes clear that his life is far from perfect. His parents seem to have little time for him, both working long hours. Scooter soon suffers a stroke, and Crash becomes increasingly alienated from everything he once knew; he no longer finds joy in picking on Penn or making cocky passes at Jane, and he slowly becomes isolated from Mike. Eventually, Crash's mother makes her job part time and is able to spend more time at home, and Scooter returns home from the hospital. Having nearly lost someone very important to him, Crash begins to change in subtle but significant ways—he makes awkward but genuine attempts to comfort his upset younger sister, defends Penn from Mike's increasingly cruel pranks, and uses his own sneaker money to buy paints for his mother. The change becomes truly evident when he allows Penn to take the much vied-for position on the track team; it is a monumental moment in which he finally seems to make peace with him, having realized how much he relates to Penn, and eventually becomes best friends with him. Jane finally ends up inviting Crash to a party.

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