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dream/nightmare i had last night, can you interpret?

i apologize in advance for the length of this. this was disturbing though...

i found myself in a kind of lounge/pub with a bunch of people that seemed familiar to me. the lights were dim. it was as if i was on a field trip. some time passed and we started hearing this horrible sound that shook the place and we were all ushered to leave. and so everyone got on this bus and drove away...

however i was stranded along with this other young boy. we saw them drive away without us. in the dream i realized this lounge was part of a mansion and this mansion expanded into a castle and behind the wall was the source of the horrible noise. we were curious enough to snoop around and we climbed the para-pits and found ourselves in this room that was high enough for safety and from it we saw this raging dragon on a tether in the courtyard. it looked right at us and we immediately started to leave coz we knew the owners of the place were coming for us. we escaped into the woods.

as we were running away we saw someone following us at a brisk pace. a thin man wearing a mime's clothing (no makeup). for some reason i knew if either of us looked at him in the eye we would turn to stone. as he followed us, my young companion got separated from me and i saw the man pursue him. i ran up behind him just as the boy was going to look him in the face and i picked up this huge rock and smashed it over the man's head and he crumbled into dust. as we kept running we found a road and followed it. we saw a swanky looking car drive by and knew it was the people searching for us. somehow i knew that they were going to release the dragon to kill us. night came and at the end of this road we reached another mansion, it had a huge garden in the front of it and we heard someone following us so we hid in the bushes.

i remember i was laying on my back hearing their voices as they got closer. they stopped right above us and started talking to each other. the figures came into my view and they looked like dinosaurs but they spoke like people, and one of them began sniffing the air and saying, hang on i smell something... he sniffed the air for several minutes and then i awoke feeling terrified.

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    Many dreams are like this, that you're pursued by something you don't want to get you. And this dream rather reminds me of 'dungeons and dragons'. It is all a bit 'supernatural' and eerie. And there's people (with money) and there's strange creatures like dinosaurs.

    The imagery here is interesting, and I wouldn't say it was from God. This is nearest to what I would call a 'tormenting' dream and that tells me you are vulnerable. If you couldn't be frightened in your waking world, don't think you can't when you go to sleep!

    Basically, you are running away from feeling trapped by evil, and there are, pretty much, no forces which are on your side, just the ability to run and to hide, but if they catch you, they are stronger than you.

    Interestingly, you picked up a huge rock. What else can that mean, but Christ? Only this huge rock had the power to defeat the enemy.

    But, I don't think you are a believer. This does not come out at all in your writing. And, the pursuit continued.

    The message of your dream is that the evil one is after you, for in our waking lives we only see the material and natural, but when we sleep, it is possible to see the deeper things, the hidden things, which can only be seen through spiritual eyes. Sometimes, as it were, God 'lifts the curtain', and this can often happen in dreams. Of course, some dreams are rubbish, but some are not, and there is a clear message behind them. Those kinds are usually the ones that stay with us, which linger long in our memories.

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    Retreat = place to recharge your emotional, non secular want utilising appropriate = decision making. This dream may well be approximately some style of hard decision you're making somewhat. this might ingredient on your artwork appropriate situation when you consider which you had your co-workers projected. you are going to be feeling the might desire to make some hard decision in existence. Projecting the driving force going over a lake lined with water might recommend that there may well be some style of impediment on your social existence. this is returned artwork appropriate. you experience the might desire to handle the area your self. Being the team chief your self on the retreat might reflect the might desire to hold household initiatives (uncertain in case you're in severe rank, team chief or supervisor at artwork), besides, you are going to be under pressure approximately some concern you won't be able to handle and you are going to be feeling helpless because of the fact some decision you made might impression a good number of folk and due to this you had this dream vent out.

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    what i can interpret is.....

    u seem to live a life which gives you unwanted risks and the hurdles look to be more difficult with your luck opposing you where you have to do a lot hard work to just survive and dream for a luxurious and satisfactory life. u have one best friend whom you want to be with you in evry aspect. and that in the end aftr giving lots of effort you surrendr to your luck showing your lack of requird will power....

    plz let me know if its right.....

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    I had a dream once where I died and had to choose between Heaven and Hell......But both sides seems just as good in some aspects, and just as bad in others.......I could not, and did not want to decide.........

    IF dreams mean anything......Explain THAT YHWH worshipers!!!

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    You had a bad dream, that's all

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