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I heard about Halloween when I was in Beijing. It’s a kind of children’s day. Small kids get dressed up, then walk around with paper bags or baskets knocking on their neighbor’s doors. But what do they say when their neighbor answers? 為什麼最後的 neighbor不用加s, neighbor 和 answer 中間也沒有 ' - ' 阿?

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    Based upon the way the paragraph is written, it gave me an impression that it talked about ONE neighbor at a time. However, in the writing, such an idea doesn't apply consistently, for examples:

    "...their neighbor's doors", if they ONLY knock ONE door for each neighbor, then "door" shall be in single.

    with same token,

    "...when their neighbor answers", using "neighbor" in single here is correct, then it follows with a verb "answers" that is also in single form.

    Of course, you can use all in PLURAL if you want to, then

    "... their neighbors' doors"

    "... when their neighbors answer"

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    Yes, English is for every ordinary people !!! You just have to be patient and persistent in learning it. You will get there.

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