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a place to be是片語嗎?

It has been around since 1862 and is the place to be for lovers of plants, gardens, and flowers from all around the world.

請問各位高手,上述句子的the place to be是片語嗎?

為什麼不是a place to visit?

總覺得少了個什麼東西,可以寫成the place to be in嗎?


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  • 阿霹
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    the place to be 我認為不該視為片語


    the place是主詞補語 to be是修飾語 同時不完全橫跨兩部份 在""方面說不過去

    It is the place.+The place is for lovers of......

    =It is the place (to be) for lovers of......

    硬要寫a place to visit也可以 但因主詞的緣故 要做點改變

    It is the place (to be) for lovers to visit.這樣也可以

    本句for連接的受詞長到嚇死人It is the place (to be) for lovers...... to visit.不好看

    It is the place (to be) for lovers of......優美多了 不會頭重腳輕 很難挑戰

    the place to be in 吾未知其明也

  • bravo
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    a place to be 值得一待之處,誰去待呢?lovers of plants, gardens, flowers那些花花草草的愛好者,而且不分國界地域 from all around the world.

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    I do my work about teaching engineering drawing and signals and systems. They are not easy jobs to demonstrate not clever pupils (even they are freshmen).

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    for those not clever pupils.

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    所以用[the] place to be...用定冠詞,而不是 a 某一個

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    No, it is NOT a phrase. The reason it uses "the" instead of "a" is because the sentence is describing a PARTICULAR place for lovers of plants, gardens... and so on. Therefore, it is a specific place, so you need to use "the" not "a". However, if it is not a specific place, then you can use "a", for example:

    Being in the south, it is a place to be during the winter in US.

    the infinite phrase "to be for lovers of ..." led by "to" is used as an adjective to describe "place".

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    No, you can NOT use "the place to be in", the reason is stated above, because "to be for loves of ..." is an adjective infinite phrase.

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    infinite phrase = 不定詞片語

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    infinite ==> infinitive

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    master Bravo! haven't seen you for a while ! How are you doing ?

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    I taught Dynamics, Engineering Math ... before, I certainly can understand your frustration. We just have to try our best !!

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