Can you name a song title starting with the letter "L"?

for example "Lights" by Journey

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'l list all I know from Itunes, this better go to good use it's all my itunes can tell me

    L.A. Woman -the doors

    L'Albatros - beirut

    La Banlieue - beirut

    La noyee - yann tierson

    La Preimavera -vivaldi

    La Valse d'amelie - yann tierson

    Lady Madonna - the beatles

    Lady Stardust - david bowie

    Lake of Fire - nirvana

    Language City - wolf parade

    Laredo - band of horses

    Last Caress - the misfits

    Last Flowers - radiohead

    Last night I dreamt that somebody Loved me - the smiths

    Last Nite -the strokes

    Lay Lady Lay - bob dylan

    Layla - derek and the dominos

    Le Sacre du pintemps - stravinsky

    Leaders of Men - joy divison

    Lean on Me - bill withers

    Learning to Fly - pink floyd

    A Legal Matter - the who

    Lemon Incest - serge and charlotte gainsbourg

    Lenin - arcade fire

    Les Champs Elysess - joe dassin

    Less than Zero - elvis costello

    Let Down - radiohead

    Let it Be - the beatles

    Let it Grow - eric clapton

    Let it Rain - eric clapton

    Let's Dance david bowie

    Let's Dance to Joy Division- the wombats

    Let's go to Bed - the cure

    Let's see Action - the who

    Let's Spend the Night Together - the rolling stones

    Levon - elton john

    Lewis (Mistreated) - radiohead

    Liar - the sex pistols

    Liar - the cranberries

    Lido Shuffle - boz scags

    Life and How to Live it - r.e.m.

    Life During Wartime- talking heads

    Life in a Glass House - radiohead

    Life in Technicolor - coldplay

    Life on Mars? - david bowie

    Lifelong Passion - the fireman

    Light from your Lighthouse - the fireman

    Light my Fire - the doors

    Like a Rolling Stone - bob dylan

    Like Spinning Plates - radiohead

    Limousine - brand new

    Linger - the cranberries

    Lisa Says - the velvet underground

    Lithium - nirvana

    Little Acorns - the white stripes

    Little by Little - radiohead

    Little Cream Soda - the white stripes

    Little Deuce Coupe the beach boys

    Little Lion Man - mumford and sons

    Little People - the white stripes

    Little Room - the white stripes

    Little Willy - sweet

    Live and Let Die - paul mccartney and wings

    Live Like We're Dying - the script

    Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight - tiny tim

    Livin' Thing - electric light orchestra

    The Lobster Quadrille - franz ferdinand

    Lola - the kinks

    Lollipop - mika

    London Calling - the clash

    Lonesome Cowboy Bill - the velvet underground

    The Long and Winding Road - the beatles

    Long Live Rock - the who

    Long Tall Sally the beatles

    A Long Way From Home - the kinks

    Long, Long, Long - the beatles

    Lookin' out my Backdoor - creedende clearwater revival

    Looks just like the Sun - broken social scene

    Lorelai - fleet foxes

    Losing my Religion -r.e.m.

    Lost - the cure

    Lost Angels - sweet

    Lost Fur - carter burwell

    Lost in the Supermarket - the clash

    Lost! - coldplay

    Lotus Flower - radioehad

    Loud and Clear - the cranberries

    Louie Louie - the kingsmen

    Lounge Act - nirvana

    Lousy Pictures - wolf parade

    Love -> Building on Fire - talkking heads

    Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Grows) - edison lighthouse

    Love Her Madly - the doors

    Love Me Do - the beatles

    Love Me Two Times - the doors

    Love My Way - psychedelic furs

    Love Reign O'er Me - the who

    Love Street - the doors

    Love Today - mika

    Love Will Tear Us Apart - joy division

    Love you to - the beatles

    The Lovecats - the cure

    Lovely Rita - the beatles

    Lovers in a Dream - the fireman

    Lovers in Japan - coldplay

    Lovesong - the cure

    Lozenge of Love - radiohead

    Lucky - radiohead

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - the beatles

    Lullaby - the cure

    Lurgee radiohead

    Lust for Life - girls

    Lust for Life- iggy pop

    Lux Aeterna - clint mansell

  • Crys
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    9 years ago

    Blondie- Living In The Real World

    Blondie-Love Doesn't Frighten Me

    Iggy Pop-Lust for Life

    The Doors-Love Me Two Times

    The Doors-LA Woman

    Pat Benatar-Love Is A Battlefield

    The Beatles-Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

    The Eagles-Lyin' Eyes

    The Eagles-Life In The Fast Lane

    Source(s): I could go all night but I unfortunately can't. :(
  • La Poderosa- Stick To Your Guns

    Lackluster- Saliva

    Land Of Confusion- Disturbed

    Last Breath- Chelsea Grin

    Lateralus- Tool

    Left Behind- Slipknot

    Leviathan I- Parkway Drive

    Lifted- Suicide Silence

    Limitless- Crown The Empire

    Lunar- I The Breather

  • 9 years ago

    Lithium - Nirvana

    Light & Day - The Polyphonic Spree

    Let It Be - The Beatles

    Long, Long, Long - The Beatles

    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles

    Little Wing - Jimmy Hendrix

    Looking Back - Gary Moore

    Let Me Take You Home Tonight - Boston

    There's a Couple, Pick One.

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  • 9 years ago

    Lullaby of the Crucified - Alesana

    Louder Than Thunder - The Devil Wears Prada

    Lonely One - Cartel

    Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls

    Lithium - Nirvana

    Light Up The Sky - Yellowcard

    Let Love Bleed Red - Sleeping With Sirens

    Let's Cheers To This - Sleeping With Sirens

    Laminated E.T. Animal - D.R.U.G.S.

    Labyrinth - Alesana

    Let Live - Of Mice & Men

    Source(s): My phone :)
  • Love Story

    Love Me (yuck)

    Love The Way You Lie

    La La Land

    Like a G6

    Like a Virgin

    Living on a Prayer


    Little Things

    Last Christmas

    Last Friday Night

    Thats just off the top of my head.

    If you need more:

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Like a Boss

    Limit by v[NEU]

    Love Scream Party by SuG

    Lucifer's Angel by The Rasmus

    Loop by Heidi

    That's all I cam remember right now, but I'm sure I know a lot more.

  • 9 years ago

    Lift - Poets of the Fall

    Little Bird - Imogen Heap

  • 9 years ago

    G'day Music Lover,

    Thank you for your question,

    Rather than write or copy a list, I will attach a link to Songfacts songs beginning with L


  • Love Story - Taylor Swift

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