What is the meaning of every tattoo Adam Levine has?

I know some of them like the roman numeral 10 and the 222 but what about everything else?

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    Adam Levine Tattoos

    222 – The 222 on his forearm represents the number on the door of the very first studio that Maroon 5 ever recorded in.

    Paw Print – One of the favorite Adam Levine tattoos by animal lovers is the paw print on the back of his right shoulder that says Frankie Girl underneath it. Frankie just happens to be his beautiful Golden Retriever.

    Script – There is a tattoo written in either Hindi or Sanskrit on the left side of his chest that has been hard to get a photo of but it is believed to say Maroon 5.

    Los Angeles – Next on the list of Adam Levine tattoos are the words Los Angeles written in cursive on his upper right bicep, close to his shoulder. Levine was born in this city and is simply showing tribute to his hometown.

    X – On the side of Levine’s left bicep is a large X, the Roman numeral representing the number 10. He got this tattoo as recognition of the 10 year anniversary that Maroon 5 had been together.

    Guitar – Many fans will say that their favorite piece on the list of Adam Levine tattoos is the guitar on the underpart of his left forearm. It is detailed and perfectly placed so when he holds the microphone, everyone can see it.

    Dove and Cherry Blossoms – On Levine’s left shoulder is a really gorgeous piece full of doves and cherry blossoms that he had done after the tragic events of 9/11 as a remembrance of all the lives that were lost.

    Shark – Next on the list of Adam Levine tattoos is a shark on his ribcage that has something to do with a nickname but interestingly, sharks are one of his biggest fears.

    Others – There is another new piece in the collection of Adam Levine tattoos on the right side of his chest that is not yet revealed. There are photos that offer a little hint but as of yet, there is no confirmation as to what is actually there. There is also rumor of a new back piece that hasn’t been revealed yet either.

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    Adam Levine Tattoos

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    What is the meaning of every tattoo Adam Levine has?

    I know some of them like the roman numeral 10 and the 222 but what about everything else?

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    Adam also has "mom" in a heart on his forearm because he says that his mom always disapproved of his tattoos so he hoped that by getting that one, she would be pleased

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    'TAPAS' means 'meditate' written in sanskrit on his chest left side.

    Source:I am an Indian,India is the birthplace of sanskrit...

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    the tattoo on his chest says tapas- which in Sanskrit or Hindi means the one which emits heat or the sun.

    by which maybe he means he is as hot as the sun (which he surely is ;D)

    Source(s): i know to speak hindi and sanskrit
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    I wouldn't find him hot either way.

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    "tapas"(written on his left chest) is a sanskrit word, which is nearly untranslatable in english.

    means doing hard work(spiritually) to attain goal...

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    adam levine is my favorite celebrity, he is handsome and have a good heart

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