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wikimedia commons to wikipedia?

Hi there. Can anyone please tell me how I can add a photo to wikipedia. They would only let me add a photo to wikipedia commons, and then there was no explanation as to how to add the photo to the actual article. It is very frustrating and maybe not worth the effort. Does anyone know how to actually add a photo from wikimedia commons to a specific Wikipedia article? Please, be specific. Thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    On Wikimedia Commons, (and mirrored on Wikipedia) the photo will have a page, titled something like "File:Example.png", where "Example.png" is the name of the file. First, find that page.

    Second, add to the Wikipedia article, at the point at which you'd like the image to appear, wikitext like this:

    [[File:Example.png|thumb|This is an example caption.]]

    The first part is the filename, the second part "thumb" tells the system to render the image as a thumbnail, and the third part is a caption.

    Source(s): For more image syntax, Wikipedia has a picture tutorial: < >
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