Pregnant but not financially stable? (Ohio)?

so I'm 18 & I am pregnant. I know that I need to sign up for WIC and low income housing but how do I do all of that? and what information will they need? (me and the father are not together anymore if that's needed"

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  • Rita
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    8 years ago
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    If you are not financially stable, you might try getting another job. Also, the baby's father needs to be contacted about child support. There is no need for the hardworking taxpayers of your state to have to support your child.

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  • 8 years ago

    well look up the wic phone number for your state & give them a call

    you can get on wic while you are pregnant

    as for low income housing, you might want to ask the wic ppl about that or perhaps call your local dhs

    you can get on food stamps & possibly other benefits

    and i know of section 8 which is like help with your rent

    but for that you gotta fill out a form and be on the waiting list for up to 5 years

    anyway good luck.

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  • Ann
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    8 years ago

    For you to receive any government housing you must be working full time and have the father on child support. He is responsible for his child the same as my husband is responsible for my kids

    Do you assume you need your own place just because you are pregnant? You don't. Stay where you are. Also, the waiting list is very long.

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  • try the department of children and family services. DFACS. i know thats where you usually apply for food stamps and medicaid they should have info about housing and your local wic office... Good Luck

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