Poor sapphire 6850 overclocking?

Iv had my 6850 for a couple weeks now and been trying to find my maximum stable OC with this card. Problem is the best I can seem to do is 835/1125 in msi afterburner, and that's at 1.75 volts. (a bit higher than the 6870 voltage.) I know that all cards are different and get different mileage but this is my 2nd one of this card that has hit the same wall. (I RMA'd the first back to newegg) the 6850's are supposed to be big overclockers which is why I bought it and according to the many reviews I have read people are getting them up over 900/1125 with stock voltage and 940/1150 with the same voltage I'm using. Temps aren't an issue, I'm watching them so am I just really unlucky or am I missing something?

1 Answer

  • D.J.
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    "sigh" I read about his too, and I found idiotic results

    6850 can overclock much more than a 6870, but an OC'd 6850 is a little faster than a 6870 non OC'd

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