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Is my dad abusive? What should i do?

so my dad was out of my life for seven years and just came back in august with his gf and her three kids. My grandma gave custody of me to him. Which i hate. And recently he has said things like 'your bf doesnt give a **** about you' and 'quit the drama bullshit' and 'if you and ur bf dont act right i will kick his *** and deal with you'. Its scary because he drinks a lot. And so does his gf. And they both cuss and scream at her kids who are 3 5 and 7. I dont feel comfortable or safe in my home and i dont think the police will listen to me. But i feel like he is extremely abusive with his words towards me and his gfs kids. Can someone help me figure out what to do because he wants all six of us to move to arizona and im gonna be a senior in high school next year and im only seventeen and would love to be back in the custody of my grandparents whom i lived with for sixteen and a half years. My dad has only had custody of me for seven months. And he didnt talk to me during the sefven years he was gone. I cant handle his verbal abuse. I dont feel safe with him. Help please i need advice quick.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I wonder why your Grandparents gave you up?

    Why do you think your father would want you after 16 yrs? Pretty disruptive to take you now.

    Could it be you gave your grandparents too much trouble and couldn't deal w/ you anymore?

  • 9 years ago

    DO NOT take that. Who is he to talk to you like that when he's never been there for you? It is not fair on the little children either but they are her kids so there is nothing you can really do about that. I would speak to your grandparents (tell them you don't feel safe etc and you want to move back with them) I'm sure they will let you come back because really thats your home.

    If things do get worse then you will have to speak to someone. Just DO NOT take that. And also, if you don't want to move to arizona then don't! You will be 18 soon and you will regret moving if things are already bad now.

    Hope everything goes ok! Good luck

    Just read the above comment and agreed...why did your grandparents give custody to your dad after all them years. Thats a bit odd

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