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American Idol: My review of the top 5?

Here's my review of the top five tonight on American Idol.

1. Joshua Ledet

What can I say? Josh did another great job tonight. Him and Jessica do a great job every night. Josh is so used to doing fast songs as well as slow songs now that fast songs are no longer a risk. He always shows off the power in his voice (I know I use that term a lot, but there's a reason why) and he had the best performance of round one.

Josh's second song was another amazing performance. Josh has been consistent throughout this entire this competition, is one of the best singers on American Idol in recent years, and was the one that blew everyone else out of the water this week. Holy crap, this kid can sing! Please America, do not send him (or Jessica) home this week!

2. Jessica Sanchez

Can't believe I didn't put her in the top two this week. Jessica's first performance was another great job by her in my opinion. It was powerful, it was on pitch, it was great. Was it absolutely perfect? No, but it was still really, really good. Randy needs to clean out his ears, because that was a lot better than he thought.

As for her second performance, I absolutely loved it. Once again no pitch problems, she toned it down with such a moving performance. It was way better than her first performance, one of the best performances of the night, and a performance that should put her in the top four.

3. Skylar Laine

I don't care how many of you dislike Skylar or her screaming or whatever. In my opinion, she did a really good job tonight. It was an interesting song choice (though maybe not the best one), she once again delivered powerful vocals, and I absolutely love how energetic she is on stage.

Her second performance was also really good. She once again showed her power and range, it was near flawless, it was just so great. Say what you want, but I absolutely loved the way she performed tonight, and I would not have any problem with her winning (better than seeing WGWG#5).

4. Hollie Cavanagh

This girl went farther than a lot of people thought she would in my opinion. Tonight, she took on the song that sent home Pia Toscano. Tonight, I think Hollie did a pretty good job with the song. It was a bit pitchy in some points, but it she showed off her talent and she's still in the game.

For her second song, wow, that's what I have to say about that. Hollie has really picked herself up for the past few weeks. It was beautiful and a really solid performance that I loved. She was in her comfort zone and did an amazing job. Now that she's back, I don't have a problem with her winning anymore. She's back, and she has a chance now.

5. Phillip Phillips

Once again, Phillip refuses to change anything about himself, including the similarities between his performances. While it was good, it wasn't great because it wasn't as exciting as some of his other performances, and it's getting boring watching him do nearly the same thing every week. And like the judges said, not enough melody.

His second song, however, was better in my opinion because it wasn't the same thing that he's been doing. It was a slower song, kind of like a ballad. While it was good, there was a part near the end where he struggled on the falsetto and started mumbling or something. Either way, everyone else outdid him, and I once again think he should be the one to go home. Will he, probably not unfortunately.

As for the duets, I think Phillip and Joshua did a really good job together on theirs, Joshua more so than Phil, but I am glad to see Phil do a ballad because he doesn't normally do them. And honestly, I liked the way Phil sang that song more than his first song.

The trio between Skylar, Hollie, and Jessica was better than the duet between Josh and Phil (plus it felt less awkward). They did a really good job with it, and it didn't like one girl outdid the other two. I loved how each of them showed off their powerful vocals and their range.

So there's my rankings for this week. I really want to see Phillip gone, but I, unfortunately, have a gut feeling that we'll be saying goodbye to Hollie, but I hope I'm wrong. Do you agree or disagree with my rankings? Who do you think will go home?


@Vera: I did kind of go back and forth between Skylar and Hollie on who should be at third and who should be at fourth. Also, I do not want Hollie to go home, but it seems like America doesn't understand her, and still acts like she's giving mediocre performances when she's doing fantastic. That is why my gut is telling me Hollie will, sadly, go home, while my heart and mind are telling me that Phillip should go home. While he is very talented, I feel like the other contestants completely outdid him last night.

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    all i know by reading what some of the others write..there seems a lot of racial hate...and that is what I dislike a lot and what I don't understand at all because it's clear for me that Joshua Ledet is definitely the best singer and he also has a great personality..if he doesn't win American Idol then there is racial discrimination going on....

    I love Skylar she is a Hollie and Jessica..but yesterday I actually liked Hollies voice and her singing better than Skyars...even if Skylar definitley is a great country music artist and she connects well with everyone when she is on the stage then she is there to entertain and she does not disappoint..but now i would find it unfair if Hollie went home..because she really showed in both songs...that she has a beautiful voice and I would listen to her songs...and I do agree although I do like Phillip a lot and he is a great artist and he can sing...but I did not like his first song...which was ''the letter'' of the 1960's and he changed it too much around...I liked his second one and there he showed that he has a great voice..but the song did not impress the judges..and he did sound fine when he sang...the duet with Joshua...but Joshua clearly stood out when they sang together...the Righteous Brother's song...I wish they would send nobody home because all of them are so talented...including Phillip....and can sing and he is multi talented ...but Joshua is definitely the winner in my eyes and compared to him...Phillip is good but not nearly as good but Phillip deserves to make it in the music business and become the individual artist he is...

    I personally did like Hollie better yesterday than Skylar...even if I know that Skylar is much loved due to her bubbly personality and because she can come out there, and she just brings it every time...she never does a bad job....but Hollie...I love ''River deep, Mountain high that was made famous by Tina Turner...and I also liked her second place Hollie in place 3 and Skylar in place 5...and Phillip in place 5..

    I do agree that place 1 goes without a doubt to Joshua Ledet, and Jessica Sanches with her second song deserves 2nd place...x

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    I disagree completely.. probably not gonna get BA but.. ok

    I think this season has the best but favoritism from the people (of course) and the judges! They ALWAYS stand for Joshua. I know he does great but ALWAYS! Think about all the other contestants giving it their all trying to get a standing ovation and it goes to Joshua all the time.

    My Review

    1. Joshua Ledet - Always does his best. Again I think it was great. I liked his first song choice better. Most of the time it is always ballads and slow songs so I think I was good to change it up. To me it was a change and a good one.

    2. Phillip Phillips - I loved the songs he chose. The songs really fit his voice. I was kind of confused during his second song, but in the end I enjoyed it.

    3. Jessica Sanchez - I felt that she took a risk this week taking on a Tina Turner song. I think she should have sung something different. Maybe something by the Jackson 5, Whitney Houston etc. I ranked her after Phillips because of the song. This is a singing competition..not dancing. I know you can't sing that kind of song and not do any kind of movement, but it was just out of place for me..

    4. Hollie C. - She is really doing good. You know she's been in the bottom 3 a lot BUT she is getting better and coming out of her shell. The advice given to her by Jennifer really did help. I have to say I thought Bleeding Love was a bad song choice for her. I feel that the song was very different for her and doesn't fit her voice at all. She didn't hit the high notes that Leona does, and didn't do anything to "WOW" me.

    5. Skylar was alright, but she could have done better Not one of her best moments for me.

    Groups: Phillip and Joshua were the better than the girls this week. Really good song but the boys

    put more into it, in my opinion.

    I think we're gonna be shocked and Hollie is going to be saved by one of the "favorites this week" Meaning she stays and maybe idk Jessica or someone like that leave...

    Hollie should leave, but I am not sure if this is going to happen.

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    For everyone who thinks Skylar is so bad try bring open minded. Y'all say she sounds nasally but turn on any country station. What do you hear? Exactly. Skylar has the total package. For her to go home would be pure madness. I think that Joshua does have a fantastic voice but to me he's boring. Phillip is to the point I can't stand listening to him or watching him he never changes his sound or look. Hollie is really beginning to step up her game. she is finding who she is as an artist and at just the right time too. Jessica is, to me like Phillip now. The girl could sing the phone book but it always sounds the same. I think Skylar and Hollie deserve the finale but who knows.

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    For the most part I do agree with allot of what you said.

    Joshua nailed both performances

    I did not like jessica's first performance though I must say. Her voice is so great that it is impossible for her to sound bad but the whole thing didn't work for me. The second song I LOVED! Who other than her can control their voice the way she does? It is "a beautiful thing" as Tyler would say.

    Skylar, to me, is the ultimate performer...she always delivers. The Dusty Springfield song is one of my personal favorites...I was around for the original!! Skylar did a nice job on it...I ppreferredher on the first song though.

    Hollie is a good singer with a lovely and powerful voice but I just somehow am never moved by her. To me there is always something lacking in her performances....

    Philip is a unique talent...I could actually see myself buying his record apart from the Idol thing but I totally hated his second was definitely the worst performance of the night...he seemed to be swallowing the end was not good. I enjoyed his first song more for the pure performance aspect of it but didn't love the melody change. This being said I still do not want to see him go home.

    I think Hollie could go home...I hope not Jessica but she might also be at risk.

    We will see tomorrow night!

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    Joshua is beyond magical. I can not get over his talent.

    Jessica is blessed as well with an angels voice.

    Hollie gets better every week. She has the ability to soar.

    Phillip's voice is sexy and alluring.

    Skylar can perform, but her voice is so nasally. I have to mute it. It irratates me.

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    I'm not bashing AI but I just wanna say that when I saw the Skylar/Jessica/Hollie duet..Jessica looked like she was trying to 'lead' the group'. That reminded me of what Beyonce did with Destiny's Child. Like Beyonce, Jessica had to be the centre of attention. I don't know that's just my opinion, that's what it looked like anyway..

    Yeah I think everyone did really good tonight, based on vocals and overall performance, Phillip is the one to be eliminated for sure.

    It's funny I find the ugliest musicians/singers in the music industry are actually one of the BEST in the business. All the glitzy glamorous ones are attention seeking no-talents.

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    You're right on as usual. Here are some if my observations.

    Joshua, Hollie and Jessica were the best. Skylar was better than usual, but I still don't like her. I don't like how she dresses, her clothes are not appropriate for her body type. She looks like a dump truck most of the time. Phillip was as boring as can be. He looks like a hobo. Can't he find something better to wear on national television? And why was he grinning all thru that duet??

    I hope PP or SL go home tomorrow.

    p.s. am I the only person on the planet who likes Ryan Seacrest??

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