Good location for a pinkberry?

I want a pinkberry to open in somerset square in Glastonbury ct but I've noticed that most locations are in areas of very heavy foot traffic. Somerset doesn't have the heaviest foot traffic but it's generally busy, even though it's very small. It's home to stores like Talbots, Victoria Seceret, Jos. A. Bank, Coldwater Creek, Massage Envy, ATT and chipotle's. It's also on a very nice street with many nice big shot office buildings and across from a a Barnes and Noble, Stop and Shop, and Hilton Garden Inn. It's also an extremely wealthy town but there's a TCBY on the other side. Does this sound like a good location? Thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sounds good to me..all except for the TCBY on the other side..that would be a deal-breaker..unless you sent fliers to all of the offices and offered 'afternoon PinkBerry delivery'..and office workers could place their orders via email, text or fax, and you can have a driver with an insulated container for the PinkBerry treats..delivered, mid-afternoon (especially good on Fridays and for meetings, etc.) If you made sure to have cute boys/girls handing out little samples throughout the mall and food-court, as well as handed out coupons, then you will bring in many many customers. Foot traffic is good, but as long as you create a delivery option and expand into larger partys or meetings then you will be fine.

    I would also offer Birthday and private party catering/delivery and you will be extremely busy when a social event or party comes around. You can hand deliver samples and fliers to schools, teachers lounges, mommy & me classes, Ballet and karate schools, colleges, dorms, etc. Even small birthday parties or wedding showers..large, lavish hotel ballroom-type weddings and Bar Mitzvahs would be great. You can have a delivery option for large events and they will be able to select flavors for their guests. There's no question that PinkBerry is popular and everyone enjoys it's just really a question of hiring a staff that will be able to handle all of the larger orders and/or deliver. Hand delivering samples as well as the fliers, announcing you have delivery services to near-by offices and stores (let's say within a one-two mile radius) would prompt people to order,which they will do.. if it would be delivered to them. You would have to have a minimum, obviously, but once one person says "I'm ordering from PinkBerry' you guys want anything".,.? then that order turns into 15 orders. Whether it's the sales team at Talbot's, or Victoria's Secret..people will place orders on-line, text, or fax. See that..?! Easy as Pie. That can be your header for your fliers.

    I would opt for a location with a bookstore, Barns & Noble, and the upscale department stores like Nordstrom or Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus..because everyone wants to sit and rest with a PinkBerry treat after a rough day of retail. (But you will have to carry cappuccino and coffee). If you add wifi to Pinkberry's and allow customers to bring their laptops and work then you'll bring in plenty. The only problem you'll have with your TCBY competition is long as you are competitive then there's no problem at all. Free, baby samples and coupons will bring people in. Delivery service for near-by offices and stores will also boost business..offering to deliver PinkBerry's for social events, meetings (Remember to speak with the Food & Beverage manager and banquet manager of major hotels, as they will have large business meetings and conventions that Pinkberry's will be able to deliver to). Relatively easy to do..since it would only require setting up on table and setting out the little bowls and spoons, etc. for the guests. Offering coffee and wifi will seal the deal.

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    9 years ago

    Good spot!! I love pinkberry

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