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crystal asked in PetsReptiles · 8 years ago

how do you tell if a leopard gecko is a....?

how do u tell the difference between a leopard gecko and an african fat tailed gecko? are they just a different breed of leopard gecko? african fat tailed geckos are really pretty, with brown and orange etc.... could you breed a leopard gecko with a afrcan fat tailed gecko? they look very similar...


leopard geckos and AFTG's are in the same family, they are related, thats why i ask...

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  • 8 years ago
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    They are two different species, NOT just two different leopard geckos.

    They come from completely different parts of the world.

    Yes they do look similar, but have subtle differences. Aside from pattern, AFTs tend to be bulkier.

    In theory, they *could* interbreed, but as they have different husbandry requirements, it wouldnt be the best idea to do so. People have had clutches from this pairing, but i dont believe the embryos survived the incubation.

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