Why is it so hard to get informed?

News is always biased. Nobody ever knows the whole story. People arguing over stuff they know so little about. The internet is full of misinformation. In the end, regardless of whose side you're on, all you have are your beliefs. Christian, Catholic, Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Patriot, Radical, Muslim, Jewish, Conservative, Liberal, Socialist, Capitalist.

What do you do? Can everyone for once just agree on something?!??

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  • 9 years ago
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    most of us are on one side or another of many 'issues' or political lines, etc. the reason it's difficult for people to 'be informed', though,is simple. you must listen to all, at least enough to see what they say. and you must also know the basic facts of history, or at least be able to go check them out. and you must be fair to all sides until you get a fundamental structure built of all sides of things, and weed out the stuff not based in fact or is biased without proof...understand, it's like going to court...you can claim anything, but having documentation that is registered and validated is what helps you with your case. same for being informed. i personally don't like some things about our world, like anyone else. but i don't subscribe to the idea, for example, that all corporate stuff is bad...or criminal...or worse, nor do i think all politicians and politics are bad or twisted or otherwise wrong. what i do think is that, if you happen to be a democrat for example, you really want the democrats to win, be right, all that...but remember, it's the truth about anything that proves or disproves your opinions and 'stances' on things...if you have biases running so deep that you can't see anything that comes against your ideas, then you will have a very difficult time getting informed even if those things coming on are true and real. it's a case of accepting information, then being able to validate or invalidate it with real proof. if you can do that, you will improve being informed...unfortunately, too many people simple make their 'belief decisions' based on bias...and even worse, it's not even bias for something or someone, it's bias against someone or something...love obama, hate bush...want abortion, hate abortion, you name it...i get that sometimes people have legitimately based ideas, but sometimes there are other legitimate ideas which go against yours...

    this is why, by the way, that people should never vote based on things like abortion, capital punishment, and so on. either side of these issues has good stuff to support their thinking, and really, both sides can be right. but none of that is, or should be, what our government is about.

    don't know if this helped...lol...and i admit to some long-growing biases myself in reference to certain political ideas, etc. but we do have to understand that none of us is perfect nor truly capable of total understanding...but we have to try, and it would go a lot better with real discussion than it does with all the pundits splattering everything with rhetorical information.

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    9 years ago

    It is hard to get informed because the mass media is owned by huge rich powerful corporations. The best way to get informed is to look at alternative news sources and compare the bias news of the mass media.

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    4 years ago

    that's ridiculous by way of fact i think of 80% of the folk who do vote do no longer additionally be attentive to what their balloting for, they have been in basic terms advised to "vote or die" so as that they flow out and vote for who ever has catchier commercials. If people fairly do understand and seem at the two applicants they incredibly fluctuate from one yet another, and that they are leaning the middle to attempt to earnings votes. they have not got any morals or rules different than what their events supply them. my very own opinion is that there hasn't been a good presidential candidate by way of fact Reagan which i could of went out and voted for yet does no longer be enthused. i could prefer to work out what Jesse Ventura exhibits in that they could have a decision of the in each election in that it has the applicants yet additionally incorporates not one of the above a vote for no self belief, it may fairly coach how badly the government is doing different than basing their decision of biased polls and could coach what u.s. fairly thinks of the government.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I agree with you. I try to go across the world and read different news sources from different countries and try to formulate your own opinions.

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