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What are your favourite movie posters that don't contain any of the actor's faces?

If it is a cartoon, it is okay. Criterion covers are okay also, as well as fan made

A Short Film About Killing

I'll edit when I think of more

BQ: Do you think movie posters could be better?

BQ2: Last movie you watched, thoughts?

BQ3: What's better: your favourite movie from 1973 or 1983? (please tell me both)

for me... The Exorcist or Videodrome... The Exorcist wins.

thanks for any answers enjoy the rest of your week all



@Joey: Great pick, that poster is iconic!

@Brenda: I love the Harry Potter one, especially the effects in the water! And I can see why there are jokes about it online!

Update 2:

@Woodi: You picked two incredibly iconic posters from two fantastic films... the ET one is beautiful, the Platoon one captures the mood perfectly...

@Liam: Def agree with the BQ- especially today they are lacking. The Social Network was a terrific film but my god were the posters ugly. Nice picks for the MQ- 2001: A Space Odyseey's my favourite poster out of those

Update 3:

@Donny: Oh congratulations! 5,000 wow... About the wrestler... eh I'm mixed too, I will say it counts though. Love the Chinatown one. 'tsk 'tsk on cabin in the woods... lol

Update 4:

@Jack: Oh great picks - love Inglorious Basterds and all of them! Also love the one for the pianist.

thanks all for the answers


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