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Help me please, i need to know if i have a shot at these colleges.?

hi everyone, i really appreciate your help.

i am a bright student with not the best SAT or ACT score

i was wondering if i could get into any of the following:

George Washington University

Bates College

College of the Holy Cross

Boston University

Boston College

Wesleyan University

University of Michigan

University of Wisconsin

Bucknell University

University of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Virginia

University of North Carolina

Wake Forest University

New York Univeristy

University of Rochester

Union College

i have a 3.76 unweighted GPA

i got a 27 act composite

a 29 in English and a 31 in math, but my reading and science were low( i had trouble focusing)

NHS for two years

Gifted Seminar Student

Varsity Ice hockey for two years

leo club for two years

i completed a pre college program at brown university

i have 230+ volunteer hours

i volunteered at the local hospital and interned with doctors during the summer(ps i want to be a doctor eventually)

i have three solid recommendations

i have taken a challenging course load including

Honors General Science A

Honors Chemistry B

Honors Biology A

Honors Physics A

AP Biology A

Anatomy and physiology A

AP Psychology A

English 1 B

English 2 A

English 3 A

Analytic Reading and Writing(dual enrollment class) A

Honors Alg 2 B

Geometry A

Honors Precalc A

AP Calc AB A

AP Gov A

Spanish 1,2, and 3 A in all of them

Honors World Cultures B

Honors US History 1B

US History 2 A

AP Statistics A

can you please let me know what colleges on my list i can get into.

Thank you for your time, i truly appreciate it


Also, i forgot to mention that my class rank is 28/491

and i have been in distinguished honor roll since 6th grade

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    Given that you are in the top 10% of your class and you took a demanding schedule, you will be a viable candidate at nearly all of these top colleges. Probably the biggest reaches will be UVA, North Carolina if you are out of state and Carnegie Mellon and Wesleyan. BU, Rochester, Pittsburgh, and Union are safeties for you. Your list is too large. I would drop the last 4 from consideration.

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