Movies: who's your favourite band/artist?

I love films to death, but music was my first love. :)

So, what are your favorite albums? What band(s) do you enjoy listening to the most?

BQ: Do you play any instruments? Are you in a band?

BQ2: A movie you're planning to watch at the cinemas next? (if it's The Avengers, then a movie apart from that one)

BQ3: Favourite band/artist you discovered through film?

BQ4: Favourite music-related film?

BQ5: Could you recommend me a movie that you felt was great, despite its poor reviews?

Thanks for answering. :) :) :)


Hey guys, thanks for answering! So many great and detailed answers!

@Negative- that's so cool! That you're in a band, I mean. The Sopranos is a great show as well, I'll try to find that track, I'll check Spun out too. :D

@annyrutts- lol I love your answerr Rage against the Machine!Lamb of God!Pantera!Radioheadd!

Update 2:

Yeaaahhh booii! It's cool you play the guitar and a little keyboard, I wish I could play guitar. Much more cooler, and versatility than the violin. :/ And thanks for the suggestions, I'll check all those links out! :) :) :)

@SydtheSquid- that's a solid list! There's a few I haven't heard of before but if they're anything like your taste in music then I'm sure they're superb. I was thinking of (500) Days...when I wrote the BQ3 so it's ironic that you mentioned it, the soundtrack of that movie is really good too!

@Liam- Spinal Tap's a popular choice! And really great taste in music btw, pretty sure you'll love Madeleine's taste in music. :D I haven't seen the Southland Tales but I'll be sure to check it out! And! Saxophones are such nifty wee things! That's amazing! You're like Lisa Simpson then? :P

@Jack Nicholson- Hey!!! Lol I know what you mean about the piano it needs so much patience, the keyboard's slightly bett

Update 3:

slightly better though? The Graduate's old school! But I loved the movie so I'll def check that track out :) and two for Southland Tales! :D

((Emma))- Heyy! Your music taste is so varied! Dr Dre, The Beach Boys and The Temptations lol! Fantastic! I learnt the recorder in school too! I can play "Hot Cross Buns" pretty well :D lol. Oh yess, I don't think there'll be cinemas nearby since I'm moving to a secluded place but I'll run to the nearest theater if I have to, to watch Prometheus!!! I haven't seen 'Final Cut' so I'll add that to my watchlist :) Should be great! And "Cupid" by Sam Cooke is so chilll! I'll listen to more stuff by him definitely :D

@Suicidal- Hey! Thankyouu :) I've never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel but SydtheSquid mentioned them too so I'll give them a listen. :) And Jane's Addiction as well. I love the Spiderman movies so much! My inner nerd is unleashed when I talk about the comics and mov

Update 4:

the comics and movies, seriously. Idgaf about the reviews for them :P Will for suree watch Mimic, I had never heard about the movie till now.

@Harrison Ford- Hello! I love My bloody Valentine so muchhh! and The Dark Side of the Moon's my fav PF album as well, you listen to a lot of really classy bands! I have the Twin Peaks OST, Angelo Badalamenti's a highlight for sure!

@Leprosy- Hey! I love Death to death! Lol, they're my all-time favourite band :) :) :) and you're in a band too? Heck frickin' yes! Lmao and this line made me spit out my drink "Listening to the album Season of the Dead by Necrophagia is just like watching a horror film"

Update 5:

So.True. The riffs sound exactly like they were lifted off of a horror movie! Great answer. :D

Thanks all.

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  • 8 years ago
    Best Answer

    Well as you know. I love hip hop music. But I also like a ton of rock too. I grew up in the whole grunge era.

    My favorite artists in rap are

    Wu tang clan

    Mobb deep

    The roots



    And in rock I'm a big fan of

    The killers

    Rage against the machine

    Lamb of god



    Radio head

    Pink floyd

    Among others obviously

    Favorite album are

    Gza - liquid swords

    Wu tang - enter the 36 chambers

    The killers - SAMs town

    Pink Floyd - dark side of the moon

    Pearl jam - ten

    Rage against the machine - self titled

    Mobb deep - the infamous

    Way too many to name

    Bq- I play guitar and. Little bit of keyboard

    Bq2 - the dark knight rises for sure and Django unchained. I not know when the latter comes out though

    Bq3- rolling stones. Though Scorsese movies in knew who they were but never really got into them until seeing his movies as a kid

    Bq4- spinal tap f course lol

    Bq5- I enjoyed Contraband a lot. It got terrible reviews though

    I know you like Rock but here's some rap you may dig

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

  • 8 years ago

    These are my favorite albums of my favorite bands:

    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- The Beatles

    White Blood Cells- The White Stripes

    London Calling- The Clash

    The Ramones- The Ramones

    In The Aeroplane Over the Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel

    Ok Computer- Radiohead

    Dookie- Green Day

    Blood Sugar Sex Magik- The Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Nevermind- Nirvana

    Paranoid- Black Sabbath

    Franz Ferdinand- Franz Ferdinand

    Hot Fuss- The Killers

    Fashion Nugget- Cake

    The Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd

    Darklands- The Jesus and Mary Chain

    The Doors- The Doors

    Good News For People Who Love Bad News- Modest Mouse

    Guero- Beck

    The Joshua Tree- U2

    Legend- Bob Marley and the Wailers

    Licensed to Ill- The Beatie Boys

    The Queen is Dead- The Smiths

    Merriweather Post Pavilion- Animal Collective

    Oracular Spectacular- MGMT

    The Crane Wife- The Decemberists

    Greatest Hits- Queen (Even though it is not a studio album, it is still one of my favorite things to listen to)

    BQ- I play guitar and trumpet (although I have not picked up my trumpet in a while). I am not in a band.

    BQ2- Well obviously it's the Avengers. Other than that, although I will probably see something like Dark Shadows or The Dictator between now and then, I definitely plan on watching Men in Black 3, despite the fact that I'm not in love with the trailer. I would not be surprised if it ended up sucking. However, I am a fan of the series so I won't miss it.

    BQ3- The Smiths in (500) Days of Summer.

    BQ4- Definitely This is Spinal Tap! Another one is Dazed and Confused. Even though it's not exactly about music, it's one of my favorite movies that has one of my favorite soundtracks.

    BQ5- Men in Black 2. It probably came to mind because I've been thinking about the new one, but I have always really enjoyed this movie not quite, but almost as much as the first one. It's a really fun movie even though it has a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • hey Marina! Great question.

    My favourite band of all time is Smashing Pumpkins, and I listen to them the most. I find their music to suit any mood I'm in.

    Anyway, some of my favourite albums are (I'll limit one per band)

    Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness- Smashing Pumpkins

    Downward Spiral- Nine Inch Nails

    In The Aeroplane Over The Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel

    Live Through This- Hole

    Sister- Sonic Youth

    The Holy Bible- Manic Street Preachers

    Antichrist Superstar- Marilyn Manson

    Nothing's Shocking- Jane's Addiction

    Terror Twilight- Pavement

    Rage Against The Machine Self Titled

    Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables- Dead Kennedys

    Blood Sugar Sex Magik- RHCP

    BQ: Sadly, no (: I tried to play the acoustic guitar, but I never practiced

    BQ2: Dark Shadows

    Moonrise Kingdom

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Unsure completely about release dates

    BQ3: Natural Born Killer's brilliant soundtrack made me discover Jane's Addiction

    BQ4: Almost Famous, definately!

    BQ5: Well, I have a very soft spot in my heart for Spiderman 3 :) But I was quite impressed with The Butterfly Effect despite its flaws. Also... Guillermo Del Toro's ''Mimic'' has a 5.8 rating on imdb and I think its an enjoyable film!


    edit: OH you should def give Neutral Milk Hotel a listen! I'd add links, but sadly I'm at school (:. Hope you enjoy Mimic. And stuff the reviews :)

  • Logan
    Lv 7
    8 years ago


    I play drums, and no I am not in a band have many favorite albums Marina


    Don't Look Back

    Jonny Lang

    Lie To Me

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness

    I like all kinds of music from Metal , Rap, Classic Rock. I would be here all night just listing them

    BQ2 I have not had any plans to go to a movie as of yet, I have been away for a couple of weeks


    BQ4 The Door's

    BQ5 Well that depends I like a lot of not so great movies. I loved the movie It Takes Two with George Newbern, but to recommend it to you, no way lol!


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I don't think I have a particular favourite band or artist, there are several. I'll list some of my favourite albums.

    1. "Live Through This" by Hole

    2. "The Holy Bible" by Manic Street Preachers

    3. "3 Gymnopédies & Other Piano Works" by Erik Satie

    4. "Loveless" by My Bloody Valentine

    5. "The Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd

    6. "La Question" by Françoise Hardy

    7. "Jeopardy" by The Sound

    8. "Broken English" by Marianne Faithfull

    9. "London Calling" by The Clash

    10. "Transformer" by Lou Reed

    11. "Only Theatre of Pain" by Christian Death

    12. "Total" by SebastiAn

    13. "Some Girls" by The Rolling Stones

    14. "Parallel Lines" by Blondie

    15. "The Doors" by The Doors

    16. "The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid" by Stars of the Lid

    17. "In the Wee Small Hours" by Frank Sinatra

    18. "The Velvet Underground & Nico" by The Velvet Underground

    19. "Purple Rain" by Prince

    20. "Houses of the Holy" by Led Zeppelin

    And that's not including all of the film/TV scores I listen to, lol.

    BQ: Nope. I wish, though.

    BQ2: I have no clue. I guess The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus when they're released, but that'll be a while.

    BQ3: Angelo Badalamenti, I discovered him through Twin Peaks.

    BQ4: High Fidelity.

    BQ5: Pumpkin

    it only has a 6.1 rating on IMDb but I actually thought it was quite good.

  • 8 years ago


    The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    The Mamas and the Papas- The Mamas and the Papas Deliver

    Pink Floyd- ahh either Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall

    The Rolling Stones- Sticky Fingers

    Frank Sinatra- Strangers in the Night

    Johnny Cash- With His Hot and Blue Guitar

    Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin IV

    The Who- Who's Next

    BQ- Well, a couple months ago I was trying to learn how to play the piano, but I wasn't very good at it and I got tired of trying so I gave up on that. :P

    BQ2- Dark Shadows, probably.

    BQ3- Simon & Garfunkel from The Graduate. I feel in love with the song Sound of Silence the first time I heard it on that movie.

    BQ4- Walk the Line.

    BQ5- I agree with Liam on Southland Tales! It has a lot of bad reviews and only a 5.5 rating on IMDb but I thought it was a really good movie. :)

  • emjob
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    8 years ago

    ((marina)) hello!

    And snap, music was my first love too :)

    My favourite albums (of all time!) -

    Psychedelic Shack - The Temptations

    Live at the Harlem Square Club - Sam Cooke

    Portrait of a Legend - Sam Cooke

    Come Find Yourself - Fun Lovin' Criminals

    2001 - Dr Dre

    Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys

    Parallel Lines - Blondie

    The State of Things - Reverend and the Makers

    Pulp Fiction soundtrack (it is one of the best albums I own!)

    I also love Roy Orbison and Queen (well mainly Freddie Mercury, loooove him). Oh and Eric Burdon, I love his solo work and love when he was in The Animals and War. He had such a bluesy, soulful voice and the mix of blues and rock just worked so well!

    BQ: Never been in a band, can't play any instruments. I did learn the recorder at school!

    BQ2: Prometheus. Rarely go to the cinema to be honest, but can't wait for this!!

    BQ3: Sam Cooke "the man who discovered soul" :) I absolutely loved the film 'Inner Space' when I was a kid and it featured two Sam Cooke songs, one being 'Cupid' which I adored. I bought an album for the song and the rest is history, Sam Cooke has been my favourite artist since I was a teenager :)

    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ4: Human Traffic perhaps. If I think of a better one I'll edit :) do love that film though!

    BQ5: Oh goodness, I'm not sure. I never really read reviews. Hmmmm. I don't think the film 'Final Cut' (1998) has got that great reviews, despite it being really smart, funny and very original.

  • \Liam\
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Hey Rebellion,

    I like Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Pixies, David Bowie, The Talking Heads, The Kinks, Smashing Pumpkins, Jefferson Airplane, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Animals, Placebo, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Angus and Julia Stone, and Radiohead.

    My favourite albums are Nevermind, In Utero, Changesbowie, Siamese Dream, Stop Making Sense, Surrealistic Pillow, Meds, Show Your Bones, The Wall

    BQ: Saxaphone and Piano. I'm not in a band.

    BQ2: I'm not sure yet, I want to see Cabin in the Woods, but I'm not sure when that comes out in Australia..

    BQ3: Pixies (from Fight Club), The Kinks (from The Boat That Rocked, i think), Placebo (from The Chumscrubber)

    BQ4: Either This is Spinal Tap or Almost Famous

    BQ5: Southland Tales.


  • 8 years ago

    favorite album: Bloody Kisses by Type O Negative

    Either Ozzy Osbourne's early stuff or Type O Negative

    b1. I write 6 string and sing for my band

    b2. Wrath of the Titans

    b3. I found a mash up of Deep Dish vs. Dire Straits called 'Flashing for Money' from the Sopranos soundtrack

    b4. cant think of any right now

    b5. Spun (great film with John Leguizamo, Mena Suvari, Jason Schwartzman, Brittany Murphey and Patrick Fugit.

  • 8 years ago

    Death is my favorite band

    Listening to the album Season of the Dead by Necrophagia is just like watching a horror film

    BA: guitar/yes

    BA2: no dinero

    BA3: Fates Warning (Rivers Edge)

    BA4: Funny Face

    BA5: I'm Not Rappaport

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    My fave bands/singers are : Demi Lovato, Jensen Ackles, Shania Twain, Cherri Bomb, Selena Gomez, Civil Wars, Paramore, Lad Antebellum, A Day to Remember, Innerpartysystem...this is gonna go on forever....

    BQ: I'm a soloist, but i'd love to be in a band. I am a singer, and i can play piano and guitar.

    BQ2: is the Avengers, i'm seeing it tommorow... But i suppose i'd like to see the Lucky One

    BQ3: I discovered The Civil Wars (A fold folk/country duet band)

    BQ4: Is it sad for me to say Camp Rock? It has to be my fave music movie.

    BQ5: I liked the third Xmen, but everyone i mention it to, didnt enjoy it... :s

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