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I am looking for a new career in criminal justice. Serious answers only.?

I am in school and have earned 66 college credits. I am a shift supervisor at a immigration facility for minors in Houston, TX for 4 years now and have experience in secuirty transports, supervising, dealing with minors, verbal judo, facility cook, creating staff schedules, physical restraint techniques, and medicine administration. I was thinking about becoming a police officer but I wreally like working with teens. I would like to work as a juvenile probation officer and my ultimate goal is to open my own shelter for boys that are getting released from the criminal justice system and at risk youth. If anyone would knows any information on how to become a juvenile PO or a counselor and what requirements are needed or any other careers in criminal justice, I would appreciate your ideas and opinions.

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  • J.W.
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    9 years ago
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    It is great that you are in college. Stick with it, and finish at least a 4 year degree. Most probation officer positions require at least a 4 year degree. You could try to become a case worker for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. Becoming a school resource officer might be something else for you to consider. Getting law enforcement officer jobs can be very competitive. Get the highest grade point average that you can. It seems like you are getting some great experience. Make sure to maintain an excellent reputation and record at work. Best of luck!

  • 6 years ago

    Criminal Records Search Database :

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