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15. The lessons of the Battle of Seattle were over shadowed by

A. election campaign spending problems

B. a slow start of the WTO meeting that year

C. Pres. Clinton’s use of the protests to influence other countries trade policies

D. 9/11/2001

E. none of the above

16. The main goal of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is, according to our text is

A. to ensure the free flow of trade between countries

B. to oblige countries to allow foreign workers to enter

C. to enforce international law

D. all of the above

E. None of the above

17. “Opportunity cost” refers to

A. what someone is willing to pay or trade for a good or service

B. the monetary loss of an economic factor suffers if there is oversupply

C. the tax a business must pay to enter a new market

D. a government tax used to redistribute resources

E. the lost wages due to unemployment

18. B.R.I.C. represents a

A. a new way to construct homes

B. a form of global communications

C. a new economic bloc, post-Bretton Woods arrangement

D. a return to pre-enlightenment values

E. a new type of welfare state

19 In Aristotle’s taxonomy of city states, the worst form of governance was

A. democracy

B. aristocracy

C. plutocracy

D. dictatorship

E. none of the above

20. The theme of Pax-Americana: The Weaponization of Space is about

A. Weapons on sea ships

B. Auto-loading rifles

C. Manifest Destiny in modern times

D. Space junk

E. The Roman peace

21. The “J curve” theory of revolution assumes that violence is especially likely when there is a high level of

A. establishment violence

B. severe poverty

C. disparity between expectations and reality

D. democracy

E. street crime

22. In Ch 12 “Establishment violence” refers to

A. violence whose goal is to establish a new political regime

B. the use of violence by the state, such as targeted assassinations

C. violent behavior that is tolerated against the state

D. forms of violence that have become accepted as customary

E. none of the above

23. Barry Goldwater in his early period would be ______ Michael Moore’s retelling of the Flint Sit Down Strike and FDR’s Second Bill of Rights

A. pleased with

B. upset with

C. not much concerned with

D. likely to introduce legislation to implement

E. none of the above

24. A liar’s loan was

A. a device used to stabilize markets in developing countries

B. part of the austerity package of WTO reforms

C. part of the stimulus plan advanced by the WTO recently

D. part of cause of the melt-down of the global economy

E. none of the above

25. In The Rich and the Rest of Us discussion the rate of poverty in the U.S. was quoted as

1. 1:2

B. 1:4

C. 1:7

D. 1:8

E. 2:9.5

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