The Southeast Asia Countries?

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1. Why does Myanmar struggle with its national identity and Thailand does not?

(i think is because it was not colonized by Europeans)

2. In what ways did years of conflict affect Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia?

(i think) (Vietnam) France attempt to return power in economies of marked the beginning of a series of long and bloody wars in area. Vietnam declared independence from France. The French defeated.They divide Vietnam in North and South.

3. What keeps the diverse nations of Indonesia and the Philippines united?

4. What natural resources support the economies of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, and Papua New Guinea?

Section Assessment

5.What problems do the citizens of Myanmar face that the citizens of Thailand?

(i think) Unlike Myanmar Thailand has gladly opened it doors to the world reaching out to interact with many countries.

6.How have Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia recovered from years of war?

7.What constant challenges do Indonesia and the Philippines have to overcome?

8.What resources support the economics (a) Singapore (b) Malaysia (c) Brunei (d) Papua New Guinea?

9.Why would a Communist nation like Vietnam,decide to invite investment by capitalist nations?

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  • Paula
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    9 years ago
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    Myanmar has a tyrannical government that is virtually at war with its own people.

    That is evidenced by the house arrest of its elected leader, and the refusal of Myanmar to accept foreign aid following the tsunami in 2004.

    All those questions can be answered by referring to the wikipedia articles for each one

    eg for Myanmar:


    They both use a national language, and both have strong and popular central governments.

    Both have problems with Muslim extremist groups

  • Nancy
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    5 years ago

    I think Singapore and Malaysia are good. most of the people can speak english so you would have no trouble in comunication. Thailand is good as well, but the environment is not very good, noisy, not very clean in the city and people are not very fluent in english compared to the countries above. but if you would like to experience the real feeling of southeast asia, Thailand is the very place to visit. i like the two countries but personally my favorite is Thailand. you can feel something totally different from the two countries and what you have never done in england or other part of europe(hard to explain but why not just try it?). short stay in Bankok(the capital city in Thailand) won't make you exausted because of the difference of the environment. if you have time and want to try a bit more, nice to visit such as Ayutaya. lots of ruins of Bhudism. worth taking a look at. hope this helped you.

  • 9 years ago

    4. I can answer the one on Singapore.

    Manpower. Singapore is too small a country to have any other natural resource. Depends on imports for a huge variety of things.

    Source(s): Singaporean.
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