Where to live in/near Boston?

Moving to Boston for a job. My girlfriend is going to school at Suffolk and I am getting a job on Commonwealth Ave near Harvard bridge. Where are some great places to live? We have a dog and are looking to spend $1000-$1500 monthly on rent. We would rather the apt and area not be crappy or sketchy. Preferably some green space and places to eat/shop within walking distance. Town home would be great but apt is fine. Walking distance to her school and my work would be great, simple/close mass transit also works. Thanks


Hancock looks great. Anyone else have any other specific neighborhoods or complexes that they would recommend or even just mention? As I said I am not familiar with the area so I dont even know where to start looking

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    8 years ago
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    Ironically, I am moving back to Boston to live. I am very familiar with the surrounding areas of Boston and surely, I think it's best to consult with a website that gives you a breakdown of the places you'd like to live and the amenities. Brookline, Dorchester, the South End, Quincy, Waltham, Watertown, and West Roxbury are pretty safe and affordable places to live. I'm looking in those areas as we speak, so try there.

    Good luck! :)

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    8 years ago

    Somerville... If you want to live right in boston you will end up spending 2 grand on a crappy apartment and they most likely wont allow dogs and there will be no yard, but maybe a park nearby.

    Brookline is probably the nicest area to live in just outside of boston but its expensive. Somerville is close, you will find the best cheapest apartments there. Allston is okay, but not as nice as somerville in my opinion. Brighton is OK, just one step below allston I think... but its almost the same thing.

    Hancock village is a nice place in a great area for decent price. Its actually a lot cheaper than I thought it would be when I first took a look at it. I took two tours around there when I was moving from place to place in Boston area trying to find a nice apartment. Out of all the places I saw, I think it was the best.

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    theres lots of apartments in Allston that are pretty inexpensive and its right of the green line. Theres lots of cafes, resturants and a couple small music venues in the area. There is also alot of young adults, college students in the area. Suffolk is off the Green line as well so yeah good luck!!

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