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Who succeeds Queen Elizabeth the II?

When Queen Elizabeth dies who takes over? Basically the rules of succesion, i did wikipedia it but i still have to many questions, why/why not her husband?(who i heard something about him not being royal?), her oldest child? if her oldest is a girl does it pass to the next guy? and can you refuse to become king or queen? im just wondering. Thanks

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    The Queen will be succeeded by her eldest son, Prince Charles. Prince Philip, her husband, is in the line of succession but WAY down the list, so he is not her heir. He is indeed royal, but his son, being the eldest child of the monarch, is the next in the line of succession. Charles will be succeeded by HIS eldest child, Prince William.

    The UK is in the process of adopting absolute primogeniture, whereby the eldest child, male or female, will be the next monarch. That means that if Prince William's first child is a daughter, she will one day be Queen regnant (meaning a woman who reigns in her own right) like her great-grandmother. Up to now, the UK has observed male-preference primogeniture, meaning that if there is a son, he gets preference even over an older sister. Queen Elizabeth became Queen only because she had no brothers.

    You can abdicate the position of King or Queen, of course. It happens very rarely.

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    Charles is next in line, then his son William.

    Phillip is just the man who married the then Princess Elizabeth. At the time, her uncle Edward was expected to remain king, but, when he abdicated, his younger brother became king, and suddenly, Elizabeth was next in line. Phillip is in the line of succession (due to his own ancestors), but, somewhere down in the 50's. He is a consort, and, has no legal power.

    Since 1066, it's been the eldest son who inherited. That is being changed, as of the last Commonwealth Conference in the Fall of 2011. Some of the Commonwealth Realms (like Canada) ban discrimination by sex. So, if William and Catherine had a girl first, then a boy, the girl would have become Queen of Canada under Canadian law, and the boy the King of the UK under British law. That was to confusing, so, all of the 16 Commonwealth Realms have agreed to synchronize their laws. Now, the first born will be the heir, regardless of their gender.

    It would be possible to refuse to be king or queen. Other than Edward's abdication, this sort of thing pretty much just doesn't happen.

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