I am a father who has a open and shut case with my son for full custody.Here's the problem?

My sons mother moved to tx from ca. I then found out 3 days prior from the move we together have 50/50 joint custody so I called the court in Ca. they told me to file an ex pa-rte hearing in which i did but never was told about a 40 fee.So i did it again now i payed a 105.00 dollar fee for an ex pa-rte hearing. We met with mediator which gave recommendation to the judge. The judge over look and gave me a court date for dec.30 2011. I had my son at this time of hearing and figured judge saw it like i did hes under my care and would rule in my favor wrong his response was to transfer since we both don't reside in Ca .

Now let me tell you something I am disabled i went to Michigan for work let my sons mother4 know well while i was working i feel 30 feet to concrete and am on Workman's comp and am labled disabled but still can be a father so i cant leave Mi. to live in Ca. until fixed.Meanwhile I found out my sons mother has numerous unsafe driving tickets 2 felony's of potions of meth, and and pipe to smoke.and a 3rd felony for curopprtion of documents and fordery also, she lied under oth which i have wittiness and Documentation proving so she is on probation and could not leave the state without permission. Then i find out her father which they LIVE with has four recent dui and fauire to register as a sex offender so as i dug into it hes a four time offender. Im on fixed income and need help in ideas. Thx for the time.

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