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If the Catholic church demanded that the public of the United States couldn't use birth control?

would Kathleen Sebelius know a little more about the separation of church and state than she does now?

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    I do not understand how proposing circumstances like "If this alternate reality happened then what ..." are of any real value to people seeking God and spirituality.

    The Catholic Church teaches people what is right or wrong. She does not demand.

    Remember the constitutional precept of separation of church and state only goes in one direction, from the state to the church. The U.S. Government cannot and does not actively endorse any one particular religion.

    There is no law that forbids the members of a religion from working for the state, voting in elections, running for office, or (legally) influencing our elected leaders. Although the Catholic Church prohibits priests and bishops from running for public office.

    If one were to enforce a separation of church and state from the church to the state then over 90% of Americans would be excluded from most of the rights of citizenship.

    The Most Sacred of All Property: Religious Freedom and the People of Maryland: A Statement from the Catholic Bishops of Maryland

    With love in Christ.

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  • 8 years ago

    This makes no sense, I'm not sure if you're bashing the Catholic church or the HHS Secretary. But Birth Control shouldn't be a political issue, we have a million more important things to fight about, it's not about Birth Control or Religious Freedom anyways, it's about women's rights.

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  • Word
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    8 years ago

    She'd be an expert! They're always experts when it's the church entering the state (which they should be), but they can't seem to follow the rules when it's the state entering the church (which is hypocritical)

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  • 8 years ago


    About what are you babbling?

    Why are you under the delusion Sebelius doesn't understand separation of church and state?

    When you don't explain what idiocy you're mindlessly babbling about, it's impossible for us to guess it.

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  • 8 years ago

    Your teacher was wrong: there are stupid questions, and this is one.

    BTW, the Catholic Church can stop taking government money and then do as they choose. If you take government money, you have to abide by government rules.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    They wouldn't so the question is meaningless.

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