Can someone help me write two news paper articles for class?

So I have to write two news paper articles but I am HORRIBLE with writing them. Everything I think of is opinion based(which is kind of not allowed). The articles are about the same subject but in different point of views.

Both should be about 200 words. One should be from (the point of view of) USA Today or the Daily Harold (whose audience appeals to business, I think) and the other should be from (the point of view of) The National Enquuiror(their audience appeals to superstittions and love types).


"Thunder and lightning disturbed te dark, morning air."

"Rain pounded the pavement, vehicles and everything within reach."

"Due to lack of visibility, a semi-truck carrying frozen turkeys overturned on the freeway causing a 40 car pileup."

"There were many non-life-threatening injuries and one fatality, an elderly gentleman who had a heat attack."

"There were frozen turkeys everywhere."

I am completely lost and I know this is cheating but I am so bad at this! I know how to do different types of writing but not journalism! Maybe someone can give me just one to use and I can try to use it as an example for the other. Thank you so much! (:

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  • Donald
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    9 years ago
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    It's not difficult. You're just scaring yourself. (But learn how to spell. Daily Herald. National Enquirer. That's important.)

    Tip: USA Today is very straightforward. I'll write the first couple of sentences. But you'll have to do the rest.

    One person died this morning in a 40-car accident on I-495 in Springfield, Virginia, 10 miles west of Washington, D.C. The accident occurred after a semi-truck carrying frozen turkeys overturned during a blinding thunder storm. The fatality was a 70-year-old man who had a heart attack.

    [Now explain that there were non-life-threatening injuries. Use some of the other information--about frozen turkeys everywhere, rain pounding the pavement--as direct quotes from people who observed or were involved in the accident.]

    It's been a while since I've read The National Enquirer. But it might begin more along the lines of:

    Jill Smith had never seen anything like it. "There were frozen turkeys everywhere," she gasped. All along the highway for hundreds of yards, the large birds littered the road like boulders after a landslide. "They call this highway an 8-lane death strip," she said, shaking her head. "Now I know why."

    A monster semi-truck carrying the cargo had overturned during a blinding downpour. Lightening flashes, like strobe lights, lit up the truck, now on its side, casting long shadows of the trailer and of the turkeys. Behind the truck, 40 cars had crashed into one another, with steam and smoke rising through the downward torrent of water.

    [Now you can describe the injuries more, along with the death.]

    Hope that helps.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A couple things to remember in writing a NEWS story - and not an opinion piece: 1, the first sentence tells your reader Who, What, When, Where and How. 2. Keep everything short and punchy - short sentences - short paragraphs. This story is going to end up in a 2" column - and the normal reader likes to see some "air" in a story - some blank spots - not a wall of type.

    So... are the things you mention supposed to be what you're going to use in the News stories?

    If so..... then let's try the turkey story.

    "On Friday, a large truck driven by Gillus Wallsley of Gimford, Idaho flipped over on Highway 4 just west of Dingleberry, PA and spilled his cargo of frozen turkeys all over the road.

    "There were frozen turkeys everywhere", said an eye witness. "We picked them up and put as many in our freezers as we could".

    This is the forth large truck filled with frozen turkeys which has flipped over on that stretch of road in the past 44 years."

    (You can just make it up - FOX FAKE "News" does it all the time).

    - now for a National Enquirer story....

    "FROZEN TURKEYS FILL ROADWAY after Gillus Wallsley of Gimford, Idaho crashed, flipping his large truck end over end Friday on Highway 4 just west of Dingleberry, PA.

    An eyewitness said that the driver looked completely drunk and stoned as he crawled out of his bent truck. "But I was just grabbing turkeys for my freezer", said the eyewitness who wouldn't identify himself."

    (Try something like that).

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