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Good Morning, Forgive me if some of this doesn't make sense, my brain is all over the place this morning. So, I am very early in my first pregnancy, around 6 weeks. One week ago yesterday, (April 23rd) I had some light spotting, so I had it checked out at my local ER (we don't have a clinic or anything, just the ER, and my doctor was not in her office that day). So they did an ultrasound (the internal kind, sorry, no idea what it is called) and they saw baby, so that made me glad :) They checked my HCG levels, which were good. So the doctor there told me to just lay low, take it easy and go see my doctor as planned on May 9th. He told me to come back if the spotting was any worse, not if it stayed the same pale pink. Well, yesterday, there was a bit of bright red, and a small clot. This has never gone onto my underwear, it is only there when I wipe. So it isn't "alot" of blood, I would say maybe the size of a quarter or so? Anyways, I called my doctor yesterday, and told her all of this, and the first thing she asked me was my blood type. I wasn't sure, so I called the hospital that I went too, and they told me I have A- blood. When my doctor got that message, she said that I need a shot, the immune globulin shot, and I should have had it within 72 hours of the spotting starting. I lost it, I am so upset that the useless doctors at the ER didn't catch that. My doctor reassured me that I shouldn't assume the worst, that the spotting doesn't automatically mean that I am going to miscarry, but I can't help but worry. I am trying SO hard to not be stressed because I know it's bad for baby, but it is almost impossible to not worry :(

Has anyone out there had anything similar with spotting? I know some spotting can be fine, like I said the pale pink spotting did not worry me (well, it did, until I talked to my doctor) but seeing the red blood and small clot yesterday just made me think the worst was going to happen, and it is breaking my heart :( Please share your stories if you had spotting, or any encouraging words to help me get through today, I go to see my doctor tomorrow morning bright and early. (she changed my appointment from May 9th to tomorrow thankfully)

Thank you


you don't need to know - thank you....that is exactly what I need to hear right now to just even ease my brain so I don't stress all day. Thank you :)

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    I haven't had this happen, but i have a friend who had some bleeding at 8 weeks and she got a shot (not sure if it's the same one, she didn't know what it was called) and had her baby and everything is fine =] i'm sure everything will be good for you too but if you have anymore problems deffinately contact your dr! Good luck!

    You're welcome! Glad I could help =]

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