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10 day old kittens have very bloated stomachs?

They eat very well. They have just opened their eyes. They cry at a high pitch as usual and still seem active. I can be kind of unobservant but still I didn't notice their stomachs and I pick them up and everything. Carefully of course. So I think their stomachs started bloating while they were sleeping just a few hours ago. That is possible right? I believe is is gas. it could be worms but I strongly feel it is gas. One kitten looks like he swallowed a square. I have been bottle feeding them and I think they may have gotten air inside while they were feeding. They move around way too much. I am going to take them to the vet but I couldn't get an appointment until 3:15 pm. I am very worried about them. Right now they are sleeping but is there anything I can do to get the bloating back down? Message their stomachs or something. When I hold them I feel like I might accidentally pop their bellies that is how bloated they are. Well actually one is. The other kitten has only a little bloat. Not enough to raise that much concern I think. I need practical answers or at least reassuring. If this is not something you know anything about don't bother guessing. I need real answers or at least someone to tell me to stop panicking. Cause I am panicking on the inside.

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    Rub there bellies with a damp towel until they burp, do this every day after feeding, it will make them feel sooo much better and comforted. But keep the vet appointment because they may give you something that will get rid of the gas (if that is what it is) But kittens do have naturally round bellies until they are a month or two old and start running all over the place. so i wouldn't worry cause the really "bloated" one might just be chubby. please keep us updated

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    Kittens always have fat little round bellies. You're probably worrying over nothing. Have they not got their mom, as you're feeding them? If you're rearing them i guess you would have to get the wind up. Their mum would do it by licking them. You could use a damp towel simulating the tongue, gently stroke their bellies with it, till they burp or botty-burp.

    you will find out soon at the vets. Let us know pls. Good luck.

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