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Do the emissions from vehicles cause global warming?

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    The three main human sources of Co2 are Transport (which includes cars), agriculture and energy which includes burning of coal.

    Together they add up to the current human emissions of Co2 ~30 billion tons a year and growing.

    At the start of the industrial revolution we had much lower emissions, but they have built slowly over the 150 years as has the Co2 level in the atmosphere, To the current level which is almost 40% above the pre-industrial level (280ppm) at 390ppm and high than Co2 has been in the last 800,000 years (300ppm).

    There are currently close to 800 millions vehicles in the world the emission of just one small hatch back are ~180-200g per kilometer take that up to the F250 or Hummer that so many deniers like to pretend they own and that number triples. As there is no doubt that Co2 is a powerful greenhouse gas and there is no doubt that cars do indeed produce Co2, there is no doubt that Co2 emissions from cars add to AGW.

    A number of groups are taking various steps to address this in either, cars that have vastly improved fuel economy that reduces emissions or by using a different method to power the car, these also don't have a zero emission footprint but they are far better than gasoline. At the moment the best option would be an electric car charged via solar power, at least one high end model already has a roof made of flexible solar cells which is slowly charged over the day in the car park while you work, this sort of technology will find it's way into cheaper production vehicles within a few years.

    The above very large number of cars is, by best estimates, set to double in the next 30 years, if those are still gasoline powered vehicles with conventional engines then the Co2 emissions from those cars will also double.

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    Yes , the emission from the vehicle causes global warming.

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    No, yet it relatively is truthfully one in all of the optimum individual contributions we make. Factories, ability flora and different commercial industries produce extra effective than vehicle emissions, yet that isn't something that the common individual has administration over, so as that they concentration on the area of the difficulty which you would be able to relatively have an result on. yet another super area of world warming is likewise relatively methane gasoline released by applying bovines. Cow farts. it relatively is freaky, yet oddly genuine.

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    Yes, the emissions from vehicles cause global warming as it produces C02, which is not maintain the balance of the green house gases

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    Yes, Most cars run on petroleum, a fossil fuel. When fossil fuel is burnt it releases the carbon that has been stored in it for millions of years. This carbon dioxide adds to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

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    Vehicle emissions contribute to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, which are highly likely having a net effect on global warming.

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    Transportation & industries rank only 5th among sources of CO2 emissions.

    First, we have decay microorganisms in dump sites & landfills which can geometrically reproduce a billion per gram of waste every 10 to 15 minutes and hence, you can expect a quadrillion birth per hectare a day which can emit or release a quadrillion CO2 per hectare a day.

    Second, we have agriculture & forestry. Although standing crops & trees respire (emitting CO2) in small volumes a day, it is the harvest & the post harvest that release large volumes. With slash & burn method, this adds to the flame. Even if the litter is not collected, the decay microorganisms will consume and thereafter release CO2.

    Third, we have the animals, birds, insects, and others which, with their large (combined) population, they will consume O2 & will emit CO2 via respiration within 24/7.

    Fourth, we have man. Likewise, thru respiration, they consume O2 and, in turn, release CO2. The more athletic the man is, the more CO2 he will release, likewise within 24/7.

    Fifth is the transportation & industries, mostly operating & working 6-8 hour operation in 5 to 6 days a week.

    Based on the foregoing, emission from transportation & industries did not cause global warming. In truth, the main cause of warming is the desertification of land (including its produce) since carbon is the major component of fertile soils. In 2005, the Millennium Development Goal reported that 60% of arable lands were in a state of desertification. And since the world has been crushed & destroyed by the effects of climate change such as storms, floods, droughts, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, epidemic and many others, desertification has grown above 60%. Hence, that 60% & above, is the root cause of global warming.

    Source(s): Winston Kayanan from the Philippines. Pushing the world to shift to O2 regeneration, reproduction and replenishment via PHOTOSYNTHESIS in the rehabilitation of desertification since 2002 (Environment Category); and, author & interpreter of the new accurate versions of Daniel (7-11) in June 2004, Genesis (1-3) in September 2011, 2nd Peter (1-3) in October 2011 and Revelation (1-22) in November 2011 (Religion & Spirituality Category).
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    Cars produce co2 from burning fossil fuel, co2 is a greenhouse gas, pretty obvious really.

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    9 years ago

    So does breathing. 7 billion ppl breathing. That is not counting all the mammals breathing too

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    Yes cars, planes, trains, ships etc


    power plants and industrial plant emissions

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