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Losing weight for Prom Dress?

Prom is Saturday.

I'm dress shopping for the second time on Wednesday.

Today when I was shopping, I found out I'm a size 18, but my dream dress doesn't come in an 18 at the shop I went to.

I need to drop to a 16 in 2 days. I realize this may be a bit extreme or risky, but I need to drop the pounds and fit this dress. The majority of the problem is in my breast size.

Is there a way for me to shed some excess poundage/fat/weight in 2 days so I can drop to a 16 for Prom? It doesn't necessarily have to be.. safe. I'm not going to be anorexic or anything, but I need a program or a way to just quickly lose as much as possible, keep it off, and possibly continue to lose as it nears Saturday.

No, I don't have a corset. This was another things I considered but I don't know of any stores where I could find one. (even a cheap one.)

So help in either field is appreciated.

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    Embrace The Moon Tai Chi Starring Joi Eden and Betty Sun (1999)

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