How much would a signed Preakness program cost?

I have about 7 programs from Preakness. Each of which are programs from 2008-2011. They each have at least 10 signatures from the jockeys on them. How much would it be to sell on eBay? They start at 5 dollars ( just to buy one ) But they are signed so how much should I sell it for?

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  • LK
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    9 years ago
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    Well, if they're signed that's pretty darn awesome. I would start the bidding at $10 if I were you. If it doesn't sell then it's not worse than just putting the price down. If the bidding goes through the roof, then good for you :D

  • 9 years ago

    If it was from the 1920's ,or if it was the Preakness where the horse won a triple crown like secratariat ,or Seattle slew ,then i can see that being of good value ,far more than a sighned Preakness program between 2008-11.

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