What makes Green Eyes Green?

So my chemistry teacher said that Brown eyes contain Iron in them to make them brown

He said that Blue eyes contain copper sulphate in them to make them blue

So uhrm..What makes green eyes green?

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    Blue or almost black, slate-gray, golden or violet or fainted green. Our eye color depends on that of our parents or grandparents. This is one of the strictest genetically inherited traits. No matter the hues, eyes are divided in two types depending on their color: dark (brown or black) and light (blue or green).

    The eye color is given by the amount of melanin, the same pigment from hair and skin. The higher the melanin amount, the darker the eye color, and vice-versa. Black eyes have the largest amount of melanin in the iris, blue eyes the lowest. No melanin (like in case of albinism) translates through red eyes, because of the blood vessels of the iris.

    Darker eyes are believed to be more adapted to sunny environments, as more melanin makes the eyes less sensitive to strong light. No matter the color of the eyes, this does not influence visual sharpness, as the pigmentation of the iris has no role in it.

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    Okay, so "mushy" can mean anything. Were they always "mushy" or have you just noticed that lately they have been "mushy"? If your eyes have only been "mushy" recently I would see an eye doctor. If however, this has been your eye color all of your life I would focus on coordinating your wardrobe. Since you don't want to wear contacts, ( I wouldn't either) and you don't wear eye shadow, clothes would be the answer. Depending upon your coloring, skin and hair, a shade of red would make your eyes stand out if they truly are green. You might have hazel eyes, which change colors from yellow to green to stormy to in between. Also black goes well with green. It all depends on how the rest of your looks. So play with color and your clothes.

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    green vegetiable

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